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# # Program information file # PROGRAM_ID 2023B090 PROGRAM_TITLE Evaluating the JWST Sun-Shield as a Spectroscopic Calibrator for Solar System Observations PROGRAM_INV1 Robert Siverd PROGRAM_INV2 Thomas Seccull PROGRAM_INV3 PROGRAM_INV4 PROGRAM_INV5 PROGRAM_SCICAT main-belt / Trojan asteroids PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_BEG Acquisition of accurate spectra of minor planets in our Solar System requires accurate removal of the spectral signature of the Sun from the reflected sunlight we gather when observing them. Cancellation of both the Sun's continuum color and absorption lines are necessary to achieve reliable calibration. In lieu of the Sun itself, we propose that the Sun shield of JWST might be used to obtain both spectrally and temporally accurate spectra of the Sun for use in high precision calibration. The relative faintness of JWST [r'~16.5] makes it an ideal calibrator source for use by future extremely large ground based observatories. More accurate solar calibrations will increase the precision and reliability of measurements of the surface compositions of airless solar system objects. Higher precision measurement of molecular gas abundances and production rates will also be possible for comets, active asteroids, and active centaurs, especially in cases where signal is weak. PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_END