IRTF Data Archive Program Information

# # Program information file # PROGRAM_ID 2023B076 PROGRAM_TITLE COnnecting the inner and outer regions of protoplanetary disks PROGRAM_INV1 Alexa Anderson PROGRAM_INV2 Jonathan Williams PROGRAM_INV3 Adwin Boogert PROGRAM_INV4 PROGRAM_INV5 PROGRAM_SCICAT galactic/interstellar medium PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_BEG We will obtain high quality M-band spectra toward 3 protoplanetary disks in the Taurus star-forming region. The primary goal is to detect and resolve the profiles of multiple CO lines and use a combined kinematic-excitation analysis to determine its abundance and location in the inner disk; a secondary goal is to detect and characterize the H2O emission. These data will connect the transport of CO from the outer to the inner disk and complements a new ALMA Large Program designed to survey outer disk C/O ratios and CO depletions. PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_END