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# # Program information file # PROGRAM_ID 2023A052 PROGRAM_TITLE Confirmation of the homogeneity of surface composition of [98943] 2001 CC21 PROGRAM_INV1 Jooyeon Geem PROGRAM_INV2 PROGRAM_INV3 PROGRAM_INV4 PROGRAM_INV5 PROGRAM_SCICAT near-Earth objects PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_BEG Asteroid [98943] 2001 CC21 is one of the target candidates for JAXA's Hayabusa II Extended mission. The photometric light curve of this target suggests that the target might be a highly elongated object. However, the underlying assumption is that the surface albedo [mainly determined by surface composition] is uniform during the rotational phase. Unfortunately, it has not been confirmed that the albedo or composition of 2001 CC21's surface is uniform through rotation. Here, we propose to use IRFT/SpeX to investigate the homogeneity of surface composition especially focusing on Ca-Al-rich inclusions, which can affect the surface brightness of the target. To check the spectral rotational variability of the target, we would request 1 hour x 3 consecutive nights of observations between HST 2023 Feb 01 and 2023 Feb 10. PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_END