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# # Program information file # PROGRAM_ID 2023A007 PROGRAM_TITLE Spectroscopic Survey of Embedded Young Stars in the Serpens Star Forming Region PROGRAM_INV1 Michael Connelley PROGRAM_INV2 Christian Flores PROGRAM_INV3 PROGRAM_INV4 PROGRAM_INV5 PROGRAM_SCICAT stellar PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_BEG We propose to take SXD spectra of 23 embedded young stars in and around the Serpens SVS-4 complex. We previously observed 11 of these stars at high spectral resolution with NIRSPEC on Keck. Complementary SpeX observations will allow us to measure the extinction and accretion line fluxes, which combined with the physical parameters from the NIRSPEC data, enables us to accurately determine their mass accretion rates. The accretion rates and physical parameters will be placed in the broader context of what has been recently found in other nearby star forming regions. We will also conduct a spectroscopy survey 12 other embedded young stars in the SVS-4 area, to identify new targets suitable for high spectral resolution observations. Such young stars are rare and faint but are important because they are likely the youngest stars that are accessible via near-IR spectroscopy. However, only about half of embedded young stars have spectra with photospheric lines, whereas the spectra of the rest are dominated by veiling and emission lines. As such, it is necessary to screen any new sample of such young stars before investing many nights for high resolution spectroscopy. PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_END