IRTF Data Archive Program Information

# # Program information file # PROGRAM_ID 2023A017 PROGRAM_TITLE A new asteroid family as a potential source of L-chondrites PROGRAM_INV1 Bryce Bolin PROGRAM_INV2 Chrysa Avdellidou PROGRAM_INV3 Marco Delbo PROGRAM_INV4 Alessandro Morbidelli PROGRAM_INV5 Keith Noll PROGRAM_SCICAT main-belt / Trojan asteroids PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_BEG We have identified a potential new collisional asteroid family in the Main Belt. Preliminary analysis with visible data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey suggests that it may be an S-type family. Due to its location in the Main Belt, it may also be a source of meteorites. We, therefore, propose to investigate the possible connection between the members of this asteroid family and some of the common meteorites such as L-chondrites. We will apply for 2 nights of time in 2023A to observe ~10 members of this potential family with SpeX and obtain NIR spectra diagnostic of the composition and mineralogy of the members of this family. PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_END