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# # Program information file # PROGRAM_ID 2021A088 PROGRAM_TITLE Characterizing the HD 140892 Binary to Support NIRCam Commissioning PROGRAM_INV1 Thomas Beatty PROGRAM_INV2 Chad Bender PROGRAM_INV3 Thomas Greene PROGRAM_INV4 Jarron Leisenring PROGRAM_INV5 Matthew Murphy PROGRAM_SCICAT extra-solar planets PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_BEG We propose to use 6 hours of iSHELL time to characterize both the radial velocity orbit and spectroscopic properties of the eclipsing binary system HD 140982. The goal of these observations is to determine masses and effective temperatures for both stars in the system. We plan to observe the HD 140982 system to commission JWST NIRCam's [M. Rieke, PI] grism time series observing [TSO] mode, and we must characterize the system in advance to assess the quality of the JWST observations. This will be one of the main NIRCam modes used to characterize exoplanet atmospheres [Greene et al. 2017], and verifying its performance during JWST's commissioning is required for general observer TSO programs to proceed. We will use iSHELL in the H1 configuration, covering 1.48 - 1.67 um, which includes a relatively telluric free region at 1.55 um that has long been used for RV measurements of SB2s [Simon et al. 2006; Bender et al. 2008]. HD 140982 has an H magnitude of 7.69, which allows us to achieve SNR=200 in 300 s exposures with the 0.375 arcsec slit, yielding a spectral resolution of R=80,000. This will be sufficient for measuring the system as an SB2. PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_END