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# # Program information file # PROGRAM_ID 2021A069 PROGRAM_TITLE Global maps of H2O, HCl, CH4 and isotopic signatures in the Martian atmosphere: synergies with TGO/ExoMars Observations. PROGRAM_INV1 Sara Faggi PROGRAM_INV2 Giuliano Liuzzi PROGRAM_INV3 Shohei Aoki PROGRAM_INV4 Geronimo Villanueva PROGRAM_INV5 Michael Mumma PROGRAM_SCICAT solar system PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_BEG We propose to perform a comprehensive search for the sources and sinks of water, HCl, methane and organics on Mars, using sensitive ground-based hemispheric maps in synergy with orbital TGO measurements. Mapping the water isotopic composition will test the release from the atmosphere- equilibrated near-surface layer vs. sub-permafrost reservoirs of ancient water with low D/H. Moreover, hydrogen chloride has been recently discovered in the Martian atmosphere and it appears to be present only during southern summer season; we will extend this quest through southern fall. To investigate and comprehend its chemistry, its sources and sinks, global maps of HCl are essential. PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_END