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# # Program information file # PROGRAM_ID 2021A022 PROGRAM_TITLE A Spectroscopic Census of Stars Associated with the Lupus Clouds PROGRAM_INV1 Kevin Luhman PROGRAM_INV2 PROGRAM_INV3 PROGRAM_INV4 PROGRAM_INV5 PROGRAM_SCICAT galactic/interstellar medium PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_BEG We have used high-precision photometry and astrometry from the second data release of the Gaia mission to perform a survey for young stars associated with the Lupus clouds, which have distances near 160 pc and reside within the Sco-Cen OB association. The Gaia data have made it possible to distinguish Lupus members from most of the stars in other groups in Sco-Cen that overlap with the Lupus clouds, which have contaminated previous surveys. The new catalog of candidate Lupus members should be complete down to substellar masses. However, roughly half of the candidates lack previous spectroscopy, which is needed for confirming their youth and measuring their spectral types. Therefore, we propose to use SpeX to obtain spectra for the candidates that have photometry indicative of types later than mid-M. We are proposing for optical spectroscopy at CTIO for the candidates at earlier types. A complete spectroscopic census of Lupus would be valuable for a variety of studies of star and planet formation. PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_END