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# # Program information file # PROGRAM_ID 2022A085 PROGRAM_TITLE Observations of Near Earth Objects with the new MIRSI+MOC: Diameters and albedos PROGRAM_INV1 David Trilling PROGRAM_INV2 Andy Lopez Oquendo PROGRAM_INV3 Joseph Hora PROGRAM_INV4 Howard Smith PROGRAM_INV5 PROGRAM_SCICAT near-Earth objects PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_BEG Near Earth Objects [NEOs] are small Solar System bodies whose orbits bring them close to the Earth's orbit. We propose here 30 hours of 2022A time with the newly available MIRSI+MOC to measure the diameters and albedos of around 30 NEOs. We will observe objects as small as 300 meters. By observing simultaneously in infrared and optical wavelengths, we will derive high quality diameters and albedos for all of these NEOs. We will use these new data to begin to measure the albedo distribution for small NEOs, which can be compared to the albedo distribution to that measured for larger bodies. This result will start to constrain collisional and evolutionary models of the NEO population. We will also start to constrain the size distribution of NEOs down to 300 meters. This semester's allocation will be the beginning of a new, large survey that will probe sizes down to 100 meters or smaller when the science-grade detector is installed in MIRSI. PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_END