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# # Program information file # PROGRAM_ID 2022A003 PROGRAM_TITLE Synoptic SpeX Observations of RS Ophiuchi -- The 2021 Event PROGRAM_INV1 Chick Woodward PROGRAM_INV2 Dipankar P.K. Banerjee PROGRAM_INV3 Nye Evans PROGRAM_INV4 Sumner Starrfield PROGRAM_INV5 PROGRAM_SCICAT stellar PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_BEG RS Oph is a recurrent nova [RN], an interacting binary system in which multiple nova outbursts [nine known or suspected outbursts since 1898], erupting again, on 2021 Aug 08.93UT [15 yrs after its last event]. The observational objective of this proposal is to acquire a set of temporally [3 epochs: at roughly 30- day intervals commensurate with Gehrels-SWIFT cadences] distinct spectra using Spex SXD/LXD modes as this transient evolves through an IR coronal line emission phase towards quiescence. RS Oph maybe a supernova Ia archetype, and as such a synoptic study of RS Oph will document details of the RN evolution which places tight observational constraints on theoretical models of RNe thermonuclear runaway on the surface of the white dwarf, the shock physics of ejected material colliding with dense red giant winds, the multidimensional structure of the circumstellar material, and the ejecta molecular environment and dust composition within the system. The 2021 event is the subject of a multi-wavelength, international campaign of observations and theoretical efforts to deepen our understanding of fundamental astrophysical processes associated with novae explosions. PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_END