IRTF Data Archive Program Information

# # Program information file # PROGRAM_ID 2022A001 PROGRAM_TITLE Occasional Triton spectra 2020-2023 for rotational and seasonal variability PROGRAM_INV1 Leslie Young PROGRAM_INV2 William Grundy PROGRAM_INV3 Bryan Holler PROGRAM_INV4 Eliot Young PROGRAM_INV5 Glenn Orton PROGRAM_SCICAT Centaurs / TNOs / KBOs PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_BEG We propose IRTF/SpeX SXD observations of Triton's 0.7-2.5 micron spectrum, to study the short and long-term variability of Triton's surface ices, and to study their composition, temperature, mixing state, and grain size. These observations, together with previous IRTF/SpeX observations of Triton, can be used to deduce the spatial distribution of ices on Triton and to constrain volatile transport. Triton is approaching the end of its southern summer, with sub-solar latitudes ranging from -37 deg in July 2020 to -32 deg in Nov 2023. Additional spectra can be used to [i] detect transient anomalies, if any, [ii] decouple migration from viewing geometry, and [iii] search for new ices at newly exposed latitudes. The observation strategy will closely mirror that described in previously published IRTF/SpeX Triton spectra. Additionally, this program includes Neptune cloud imaging with only a small time increase over Triton spectra. PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_END