Science Highlights

CO Spectra Massive Protostellar Binary
Census of Nearby Association 32 Ori
Apophis Planetary Defense Campaign
iSHELL detects Helium Hydride ions
iSHELL measures Jupiter O/H
IRTF Extended Spectral Library
Spotlight on Saturn's Aurorae
Coordinated observations of ozone on Mars by HIPWAC and Mars Express SPICAM
Burgasser Very Cool Brown Dwarf
2009 Jupiter Impact: Second Time Around
Ten Years of Triton Spectral Monitoring with IRTF/SpeX.
Huge cloud discovered on Titan, 13 August 2009. News articles one and two.
Jupiter impact of 19 July 2009. News articles one and two.
IRTF observations of H3+ in planetary atmospheres
The IRTF Spectral Library: Cool Stars (FGKM-SC-LT)
Depth of a Strong Jovian Jet From a Planetary-Scale Disturbance
Time Variability of the Dust Sublimation Zones within Pre-Main Sequence Disk Systems
Finding Ultracool Brown Dwarfs with UKIDSS + SDSS + IRTF/SpeX
5-μm Spectroscopy of Saturn with the IRTF
Spectral and mineralogical diversity among the M-asteroids
Dust Formation in V2362 Cygni: Coordinated IRTF/SpeX, VNIRIS, BASS, SPITZER and SWIFT Observations
Young Brown Dwarfs in OMC 2/3: SpeX 0.8-2.5 μm Observations
Seasonal Change in Titan's Cloud Activity Observed with IRTF/SpeX
3–13 Micron Spectroscopy of Comet 73P / Schwassmann - Wachmann3
The surface composition of Ceres: Using new IRTF spectral measurements
Potentially Hazardous Asteroid 2004 XP14: Constraining Albedo, Diameter, & Taxonomy
The IRTF Spectral Library: F, G, K, M Stars
Low–metallicity L and T Dwarfs
Measuring the Physical Properties of the Coldest Brown Dwarfs with SpeX
M dwarf/L dwarf Binaries Resolved with SpeX
Deep Impact
The MIT–IRTF Joint Campaign for NEO Spectral Reconnaissance
Discovery and Identification of the Very High Redshift Afterglow of GRB 050904
Mid–Infrared Ethane Emission on Neptune and Uranus
Evidence for Debris Disk Around the Massive DAZ White Dwarf GD362
Stratospheric Ozone Profiles from Mauna Kea, Hawaii Using Infrared Heterodyne Spectroscopy
Infrared Heterodyne Spectroscopy of Ozone on Mars from IRTF: 1988-Present
Peculiar Betulia Re-visited: Checking Thermal Models of Asteroids
21 Lutetia and Other M-type Asteroids
Near–Infrared Spectral Monitoring of Triton with IRTF/SpeX
Observations of Titan's Mesosphere
Discovery of CO2 Ice on the Surface of the Uranian Satellite Ariel
Loki, Io: Observations and Model
Near IR Spectra of Asteroids
3–13 Micron Spectroscopy of Comets
Warm Spots on Titan?
Meridional Mapping of Mesospheric Temperatures from CO2 Emission along the MGS Ground Track
Near–Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging of Mars' South Polar Cap
Winds in the Venusian Atmosphere
Very Cool Brown Dwarfs and Subdwarfs Identified at IRTF
Propane on Titan
Hydrogen Peroxide on Mars
Thermal Observations of Comet Wild 2
8–13 micron Spectroscopy of V838 Mon
Cold Spots on Saturn
Probing the Dynamics of Saturn's Rings
Direct Measurements of Ozone on Mars
IR Spectroscopic Monitoring of Supernova 2002hh
Pluto: The Only KBO with an Atmosphere?
Water Ice on Titan's Surface
IRTF Near-Infrared Spectral Atlas. I. Wolf-Rayet Stars
Mid-Infrared Observations of the Orion Bar
Observations of H2 Rotational Lines from Young Stars with Disks
Resolving Titan's atmosphere with TEXES on IRTF
Water Ice Absorption as a Probe of the Environments of Young Stars
Thermal-Infrared Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids
Lava Lakes on Io
Groundbased Infrared Detection of Io's SO2 Atmosphere
Detection of Massive Water Ice Emission from the Nucleus of Comet C/1999 S4
FeH Absorption in the Spectra of Ultra–Cool Dwarfs
IR Spectroscopic Monitoring of Pluto with IRTF/SpeX: Recent results
Water on Mars
Mars Dust Storm and Non–Thermal CO2 Emission
Near Infrared Spectroscopy of Type Ia Supernovae Using SpeX
Jupiter's Stratospheric Temperature Variations
2–5 micron Spectra of Young Stellar Objects
Hydrocarbon Chemistry in Jupiter and Saturn
Spectrum of a Red, Lensed Quasar
MUSES–C target asteroid 1998 SF36
Thermal Imaging and Cassini CIRS Observations
Ultra–High Resolution Spectroscopy
Measuring the winds on Titan
The Image Gallery – A Collection of significant IRTF images
HST/NICMOS and IRTF+NSFCam images of a dust jet from the WC+O binary WR 137
NSFCam + CoCo image of a circumstellar disk around 55 Cancri
The IRTF monitoring of Jupiter and Io in support of the Galileo Mission