IRTF Galileo Support Monitoring of Jupiter and Io

Project Summary

(from Visit this site (provided by Dr. John Spencer of Lowell Observatory) for results and images.)

The NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF), on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, has set aside one hour at the beginning or end of every night that the NSFCAM infrared camera is mounted on the IRTF, and Jupiter is observable, for a standardised set of observations of Io and Jupiter in support of the Galileo mission. This program observed Io on 14 nights in September and October 1995 , and will resume in May 1996, to be continued (we hope) through the duration of the Galileo mission. The Io observations are coordinated by IJW Satellite Discipline leader John Spencer, and executed by the telescope operators: Dave Griep, Bill Golisch, and Charlie Kaminski.

Galileo Monitoring Program Data

The NSFCAM imaging data taken to support the Galileo mission investigation which is aimed specifically at Io and Jupiter atmospheric and auroral science is completely open to all investigators and my be used in any publishable scientific investigations. We request that you acknowledge the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility Monitoring Program. Questions on the used of the data and the development of the program should be directed to Glenn Orton ( for atmospheric images, Steve Miller (London) for auroral images, and John Spencer ( for Io Images.

The directory contains the data taken by NSFCAM for the IRTF's Galileo Monitoring Program. Each nights data is tar and compress into a single file. The filename are based on the UT date the data was taken. For example, 95.09.03.tar.Z is the tarred and compress directory ./95.09.03 of the data taken on September 9, 1995.

After downloading the data, you may uncompress and un-tar them with the following command:

 zcat filename | tar xvf -

If you have any question or comments on this FTP site directory, please contact

Note: The data taken during the Sept/Oct 1995 period has been archived on CD-ROM. the file galileo.cdrom1.lst contains a list of the files present on the CD-ROM. If you desire access to this CD, please contact

Galileo Monitoring Program Contacts

1. Question concerning the campaign should be addressed to:
   Alan Tokunaga, IRTF Division Chief at

2. John Spencer has developed a World Wide Web page about the
   monitoring program with some sample results.

3. Question concerning access to the FTP site and its data should
   be addressed to: