Safety and Visitors Info

Safety Information for IRTF Staff and Observers

  • 2019-06-guidelines_for_dealing_with_demonstrations.pdf - IRTF Guidelines for Dealing with Demonstrations
  • IRTF Safety Regulations - All Observers must review this document prior to visiting the IRTF Summit Facility
  • 2021-06_Maunakea_Emergency_Procedures.pdf - Maunakea Emergency Procedures (June 2021) from MKSS
  • 2021-09_Maunakea_Emergency_Phone_Numbers.pdf - Mauna Kea Emergency Phone Numbers (Sept 2021)
  • 2020-11-Installing_Snow_Chains_on_IRTF_Vehicles.mp4 - A video on how to install snow chains on IRTF Vehicles
  • Safety Procedures, Precautions

    Maunakea is a remote, high altitude location which presents many safety hazards. You should be prepared and well informed before visiting. All traveler to Maunakea should review the safety links and information on this page before traveling to Maunakea.  In additional to safety, visitors should be aware of the culture and environmental aspect of Maunakea.

    Below are three good websites with up to date safety and weather information:

  • Maunakea Visitor Station (MKVIS)
  • Office of Manakea Management (OMKM)
  • Maunakea Weather Center (MKWC)

    Below are more specific links from the above websites:

  • Maunakea Hazards - Provides information on the hazards you can encounter at Maunakea
  • Maunakea Winter Information - Important things to consider during the winters months
  • OMKM Public Safety and Responsiblity Page - Review the information here before traveling to Maunakea.
  • MKWC Road Conditions and MKWC Weather Forcast from the Maunakea Weather Center
  • IRTF Risk and Release Form

    Visitors to the IRTF are required to review and sign the "Assumption of Risk and Release" form.

  • Safe and Enjoyable Trip - Tips and advice on how to stay healthy and enjoy your trip to the summit
  • Summit Information - How to prepare for weather on the summit
  • Maunakea Health Cautions - Required form for IRTF visitors to verify they are in good health
  • Risk Release Form - Required by IRTF visitors going to the summit