Archived/Retired Systems

Wiki1 Data - Original Wiki (Defunct)
Wiki2 Data - Plone Wiki (Defunct)
Vern Stahlberger Mechanical Archive (2016) - An archive of Vern Stahlbergers work
HVAC 2014 Upgrade - The IRTFC Facility HVAC was upgraded in 2014
HVAC(IQUP) - Some HVAC Mechanical Drawing from 1993 in the IQUP area
Tiptilt - Tip Tilt system (1990s)
Spectra Source - CCD camera (1990s)
TCS1 - J.Hardwood's TCS1 notes
Photometers - Info of IRTF photometer (pre90s to 2000)
XGFit - Gaussian fit tool (replaced by DV)
NewDAS - software for photometers
IRTF Filemaker - Notes for Filemaker (2017)