IRTF Spectra Source Camera

This page provide information on the IRTF spectra Source camera.
This is the MCD-1200 with a TK512CCD (512x512).

The spectra source computer is the campc, a window98 system.
To run the software:

   1. cable it up
2. Turn on the TEC control unit. 3. Turn on the PC. 4. Boot into DOS (PC has win98 & linux installed). 5. login as irtf (no password). 6. Run c:\ccd\hpc51212 7. Refer to the spectra source user's guide. SSH is also installed on this computer, so you can transfer you data off the PC. Both win98 and linux is configure for DHCP. Information on how I setup the OS and detail on the linux account can be found at /irtf.backup/campc. - tony denault, apr 2007