Facility Systems


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Skype Information Staff Observer
Zoom Information Staff Observer Meeting Instructions

Schedules And Forms

Schedules Observers TO Night Assistance Vehicles
Trouble Log Trouble Log Form Past Forms
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TCS3 - Telescope Control System 3
Smokey - IRTF Offaxis guider
FCT - Focus Collimation Tool
IP KVM - Summit Key-Video-Mouse networked system
MIM Remote AC Power - Remote Power control for the MIM/WTI units
Remote AC Power - Remote Power control for summit/Hilo units
IQUP - IQUP Home Page
Coolracks - CASS Heat Removal System
IRTF Data Archive(IDA) project page. IDA Data page contains some past Weather, IE Logs, and Program Info
IRTF Legacy Archive contains public data from 2000 to 2016. And IRTF-only data from 2017 to present.

MIM - IRTF Multiple Instrument Mount
Dome Vents - Notes on heat vents on the DOME
Cranes - Pictures of people working on the crane
IRTF Utility Power Monitor
Phone - Notes on the summit phone
Guest Account lister - Shows Guest Account information
irtfstaff - irtfstaff area
Science Highlights - update science highlights
IRTF Weather - IRTF weather data that is sent to Maunakea Weather Center

Offsite Documentation

Team Drive - IRTF/UH/Google team drive

Archived/Retired Systems