The IRTF Data Archive at IRSA

The IRTF Data Archive is a cooperative effort between IRTF and IRSA (Infrared Science Archive at IPAC). The IRTF is collecting, organizing and delivering the data to the archive. IRSA is hosting and maintaining the permanent public archive.

Available data includes:

   • SpeX   data from Aug 2 2016 to Dec 22 2022* 
   • iSHELL data from Feb 2 2017 to Dec 22 2022* 
*New data is available daily after a proprietary period of 18 months.

Click on the pictures or links to access the IRTF Archive pages at IRSA:

SpeX mounted on IRTF May 9 2000 SpeX mounted on IRTF May 9 2000 Guidedog Control Interface
IRTF Data Search
IRTF Mission page
IRSA Home Page

IRTF Legacy Archive

The IRTF Legacy Data is the raw data files obtained at the IRTF from Feb 1 2001 to July 31 2016 (semester 2000B to 2016A).
The IRTF Legacy Archive was open on June 11, 2019. It is located here: IRTF Legacy Archive

Here is the IRTF Data Release Policy.