IRTF PhD Dissertation List

This bibliography contains PhD dissertations (1997 - present) that utilize data obtained with the NASA IRTF.


Sullivan, Timothy

The dynamical state of a young stellar cluster

University of Missouri, St. Louis (2019) Advisor: Bruce Wilking

Instruments: CSHELL, iSHELL


Best,William M. J.

Ultracool demography with a volume-limited census of the solar neighborhood

University of Hawaii at Manoa (2018) Advisor: Michael C. Liu

Instrument: SpeX

Blain, Doriann

Etude de l’atmosphère profonde de Jupiter

Observatoire de Paris (2018) Advisor: Thierry Fouchet

Instrument: TEXES

Gordon, Michael Scott

Massive stars: an infrared exploration across the HR Diagram

The University of Minnesota (2018) Advisors: Terry J. Jones and Roberta M. Humphreys

Instrument: SpeX

Johnson, Rosie Eleanor

Infrared observations of Jupiter’s ionosphere

University of Leicester (2018) Advisors: Thomas Stallard and Jonathan Nichols

Instrument: CSHELL

Long, Zachary

Investigating the physical properties of circumstellar disks using high angular resolution observational techniques

University of Cincinnati (2018) Advisor: Mike Sitko

Instrument: SpeX

Wong, Ian Yu

Probing the Trojan-Hilda-KBO connection: an empirical test of dynamical instability models of Solar System evolution

California Institute of Technology (2018) Advisor: Michael E. Brown

Instrument: SpeX

Wong, Ka Tat

The physics and chemistry of oxygen-rich circumstellar envelopes as traced by simple molecules

Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn (2018) Advisors: Karl M. Menten and Norbert Langer

Instrument: TEXES


Bardalez Gagliuffi, Daniella C.

Spectral binaries hold the key to the true ultracool binary fraction

University of California, San Diego (2017) Advisor: Adam J. Burgasser

Instrument: SpeX

Cabrera Salazar, Nicole Estefania

Fundamental properties, activity, and planet-hosting potential of young suns near Earth

Georgia State University (2017) Advisor: Russel J. White

Instrument: CSHELL

Cartwright, Richard John

Surface modification of icy satellites: Space weathering of the large moons of Uranus and alluvial fan formation on Saturn’s moon Titan

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2017) Advisor: Joshua P. Emery and Devon M. Burr

Instrument: SpeX

de Kleer, Katherine Rebecca

Extreme worlds of the outer Solar System: Dynamic processes on Uranus & Io

University of California, Berkeley (2017) Advisor: Imke de Pater

Instrument: SpeX

Esplin, Taran

Observations of brown dwarfs at low temperatures and low masses

The Pennsylvania State University (2017) Advisor: Kevin Luhman

Instrument: SpeX

Gerhartz, Cody James

Temporal variations in the circumstellar disks of Be stars from analysis of optical and IR line profiles

The University of Toledo (2017) Advisor: Karen Bjorkman

Instrument: SpeX

Godfrey, Paige A.

Characterizing cool brown dwarfs and low-mass companions with low-resolution near-infrared spectra

City University of New York (2017) Advisor: Emily L. Rice

Instrument: SpeX

Kanarek, Graham

The Wolf-Rayet star population of the Milky Way Galaxy

ColumbiA University (2017)  Advisor:  Michael Shara

Instrument: SpeX

Kellogg, Kendra

Investigating brown dwarf atmospheres: gravity, dust content, cloud structure and metallicity

The University of Western Ontario (2017) Advisor: Stanimir Metchev

Instrument: SpeX

Landsman, Zoe A.

The physical properties and composition of main-belt asteroids from infrared spectroscopy

University of Central Florida (2017) Advisor: Humberto Campins

Instrument: SpeX

Lucas, Michael Peter

HungariA Asteroid Region Telescopic Spectral Survey (HARTSS): establishing asteroid-meteorite connections between Hungaria asteroids and meteorites of the Acapulcoite-Lodranite clan

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2017) Advisor: Joshua P. Emery

Instrument: SpeX

McAdam, Margaret M.

WateR in the early Solar System: Infrared studies of aqueously altered and minimally processed asteroids

University of Maryland, College Park (2017) Advisor: Jessica M. Sunshine

Instruments: BASS, SpeX

Pajuelo, Myriam

Caractérisation multitechniques des astéroïdes binaires

Observatoire de Paris (2017) Advisors: Benoît Carry and Mirel Birlan

Instrument: SpeX


Aller, Kimberly Mei

Finding the elusive substellar members of young moving groups

University of Hawaii at Manoa (2016) Advisor: Michael C. Liu

Instrument: SpeX

Cook, Neil James

M dwarfs from the SDSS, 2MASS and WISE surveys:  identification, characterisation and unresolved ultracool companionship

University of Hertfordshire (2016) Advisor: David J. Pinfield

Instrument: SpeX (library)

Filippazzo, Joseph C.

Fundamental parameters of the lowest mass stars to the highest mass planets

City University of New York (2016)  Advisor:  Emily L. Rice

Instrument: SpeX

Holler, Bryan Jason

Comparative KBOlogy: Using surface spectra of Triton, Pluto, and Charon to investigate atmospheric, surface, and interior processes on KuipeR Belt Objects

University of Colorado at Boulder (2016)  Advisor:  Leslie Young

Instrument: SpeX

Naud, Marie-Eve

Recherche et caractérisation d’exoplanètes à grande séparation autour d’étoiles jeunes de faible masse

Université de Montréal (2016) Advisors: René Doyon and Étienne Artigau

Instrument: SpeX

Newton, Elisabeth R.

The evolution of rotation and magnetism in small stars near the Sun

Harvard University (2016)  Advisor:  David Charbonneau

Instrument: SpeX

Saito, Yuriko

Investigation of the coevolution between supermassive blackholes and galaxies at redshift 3 through Subaru near-infrared observations

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (2016) Advisor: Masatoshi Imanishi

Instrument: SpeX


Aberasturi Vega, Miriam

Identificación y caracterización de estrellas poco masivas y enenas marrones con el Observatorio Virtual

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2015) Advisors: Enrique Solano Márquez and Eduardo Martin Guerrero de Escalante

Instrument: SpeX (library)

Bloemhard, Heather

Characterizing the atmospheres of exoplanets using ground-based facilities

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (2015)  Advisor:  Michelle Creech-Eakman

Instruments: SpeX, MORIS

Gagne, Jonathan

LA recherche de naines brunes et étoiles de faible masse dans les associations cinématiques jeunes du voisinage solaire

Université de Montréal (2015)  Advisors:  David Lafrenière and René Doyon

Instrument: SpeX

Hargrove, Kelsey

Spectral study of asteroids and laboratory simulation of asteroid organics

University of Central Florida (2015)  Advisor:  Joshua Colwell

Instrument: SpeX

Kaluna, Heather Maria

The evolution of water in carbonaceous main belt asteroids

University of Hawaii at Manoa (2015)  Advisor:  Karen Meech

Instruments: SpeX, MORIS

Khayat, Alain S. J.

Multi-band search for volcanic outgassing in the Tharsis and Syrtis MajoR regions on Mars

University of Hawaii at Manoa (2015)  Advisor:  Alan Tokunaga

Instrument: CSHELL

Kita, Hajime

Studies of variation mechanisms of the Jovian radiation belt based on radio-interferometric and optical observations

Tohoku University (2015) Advisor: Hiroaki Misawa

Instrument: CSHELL

Lundquist, Michael J.

A panchromatic study of galactic intermediate-mass star-forming regions

University of Wyoming (2015)  Advisor:  Henry Kobulnicky

Instrument: SpeX

Meneses-Goytia, Sofia

StellaR population models in the near-infrared

University of Groningen (2015) Advisors: Reynier F. Peletier and Scott C. Trager

Instrument: SpeX (library)

Pearson, Richard L. III

Binary star systems with asymmetrically heated disks: Thermal phase curves for the disk in Epsilon Aurigae

University of Denver  (2015)  Advisor:  Robert E. Stencil

Instruments: SpeX, BASS

Schlawin, Everett A.

Observations of disintegrating, evaporating and hot planet atmospheres with transmission spectra

Cornell University (2015)  Advisor:  Terry Lee Herter

Instruments: SpeX, MORIS

Scott, Nicholas Jon

First science with JouFLU

GeorgiA State University and Observatoire de Paris (2015) Advisors: Harold A. McAlister (GSU) and Vincent Coudé du Foresto (Obs de Paris)

Instrument: SpeX

Smith, Cassy

A catalog of cool stars for precision planet searches

GeorgiA State University (2015) Advisor: Russel J. White

Instrument: CSHELL

Terrien, Ryan C.

New spectroscopic tools and techniques for characterizing M dwarfs and discovering their planets in the near-infrared

The Pennsylvania State University (2015)  Advisor: Suvrath Mahadevan

Instrument: SpeX

Zellem, Robert Thomas

Observing transiting exoplanets: Removing systematic errors to constrain atmospheric chemistry and dynamics

University of Arizona (2015)  Advisor:  Caitlin A. Griffith

Instrument: SpeX


Dawson, Paul

Young brown dwarfs and their environments: testing star and planet formation

University of Dublin (2014)  Advisors:  Aleks Scholz and Tom Ray

Instrument: SpeX

Gazak, Jonathan Zachary

Red supergiants as luminous beacons of cosmic chemical abundances:  The infrared J-band spectroscopic technique

University of Hawaii (2014) Advisor:  Rolf Kudritzki

Instrument: SpeX

McClure, Melissa K.

Influence of dust grain evolution on the structure of protoplanetary disks

University of Michigan (2014)  Advisor:  Nuria P. Calvet

Instrument: SpeX

O'Donoghue, James

The response of gas giant ionospheres to space environment forcing

University of Leicester (2014) Advisor:  Tom Stallard

Instrument: SpeX

Sinclair, James A.

Seasonal and interannual variability in Saturn's stratosphere

University of Oxford (2014) Advisor: Patrick Irwin

Instrument: Celeste

Skrzypek, Nathalie

Brown dwarfs and rare objects in UKIDSS

Imperial College London (2014)  Advisor:  Steve Warren

Instrument: SpeX


Barentine, John Caleb

The role of gas in galaxy evolution: Infall, star formation, and internal structure

University of Texas at Austin (2013) Advisor: John Kormendy

Instrument: TEXES

Bowler, Brendan Peter

Direct imaging search for planets around low-mass stars and spectroscopic characterization of young exoplanets

University of Hawaii at Manoa (2013) Advisor: Michael C. Liu

Instrument: SpeX

Kim, Kyoung Hee

Evolution of protoplanetary disks in the Orion A star-forming region

University of Rochester (2013)  Advisor:  Dan M. Watson

Instrument: SpeX

Mann, Andrew Withycombe

Planets around cool stars: a spectroscopic and photometric study of M dwarfs and their planets

University of Hawaii at Manoa (2013)  Advisor:  Eric Gaidos

Instrument: SpeX

McKay, Adam Joseph

The volatile composition of comets as inferred from gas production

New Mexico State University (2013)  Advisor:  Nancy J. Chanover

Instrument: CSHELL

Sánchez, Juan A.

Temperature-induced effects and phase reddening on near-Earth asteroids

Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster (2013) Advisors: Andreas Nathues, Vishnu Reddy and Harald Hiesinger

Instrument: SpeX

Takir, Driss

Nature and degree of aqueous alteration of outer main belt asteroids and Cm and CI carbonaceous chondrites

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2013)  Advisors: Joshua P. Emery and Harry Y. McSween, Jr.

Instrument: SpeX

Trombley, Christine M.

Investigation of the intermediate and high end initial mass function as probed by near-infrared selected stellar clusters

RochesteR Institute of Technology (2013)  Advisor: Donald F. Figer

Instrument: SpeX

Uno, Takeru

Vertical and horizontal structures of Jovian infrared aurora: Observations and new development of echelle spectrometer

Tohoku University (2013) Advisors: Yasumasa Kasaba and Takeshi Sakanoi

Instrument: CSHELL


Castro, Philip J.

StaR formation in the Lagoon Nebula & low-mass stars and brown dwarfs

University of Delaware (2012) Advisor: John E. Gizis

Instrument: SpeX

Crossfield, Ian James Mills

Infrared observations of exoplanet atmospheres

University of California, Los Angeles (2012) Advisor: Bradley M. S. Hansen

Instrument: SpeX

Popescu, Marcel

Techniques for asteroid spectroscopy

Observatoire de Paris and Universitatea Polithenica din Bucuresti (2012)  Advisors:  Mirel Birlan and Constantin P. Cristescu

Instrument: SpeX

Touhami, Yamina N.

CircumstellaR disks around rapidly rotating Be-type stars

GeorgiA State University (2012)  Advisor:  Douglas R. Gies

Instrument: SpeX

Wojtkowski, Kari Anne

The characterization of volatiles associated with young stellar objects

University of Missouri - St. Louis and Missouri University of Science and Technology (2012)  Advisors:  Erika L. Gibb and John L. Schmitt

Instrument: SpeX


Crockett, Christopher James

Giant Planet Companions to T Tauri Stars

University of California, Los Angeles (2011) Advisor: James Larkin

Instrument: CSHELL

Deen, Casey Patrick

An investigation of the physical parameters of young stellar objects

University of Texas (2011)  Advisor:  Daniel T. Jaffe

Instrument: SpeX

Flaherty, Kevin

Evolution and variability of circumstellar material around young stellaR objects

University of Arizona (2011) Advisors:  James Muzerolle and George Rieke

Instrument: SpeX

Looper, Dagny Lauren

New Nearby Accreting Young Stars and a First Estimate of the IMF for The TW Hydrae Association

University of Hawaii (2011)  Advisor:  John T. Rayner

Instrument: SpeX

Miner, Jesse

Development of near-infrared spectroscopic chronometers for galaxy evolution: Critical testing with nearby galaxies

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (2011)  Advisor:  James A. Rose

Instrument: SpeX

Pitts, Mark A.

Identifying low-mass members of nearby star clusters using proper motion and color selection

University of Hawaii (2011)  Advisor: Eugene Magnier

Instrument: SpeX

Schlieder, Joshua Edward

New Low-mass members of nearby young moving groups

State University of New York, Stony Brook (2011)  Advisors: Michal Simon and Sebastien Lepine

Instrument: CSHELL


Adams, Elisabeth Rose

Transit timing with fast cameras on large telescopes

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2010)  Advisors: James L. Elliot and Sara Seager

Instrument: MORIS

Anderson, William Michael, Jr.

Infrared observations of oxidized carbon in comet C/2002 t7 (LINEAR)

The Catholic University of America (2010) Advisor: Michael A. DiSanti

Instrument: CSHELL

Carlson, Randall Everette

Spatial and seasonal variations in Saturn's haze and vertical phosphine distribution at 3 microns from 2005 to 2010

New Mexico State University (2010)  Advisor: Nancy Chanover

Instrument: SpeX

Cook, Amanda Marie

Chemical evolution of astrophysical ices

RensselaeR Polytechnic Institute (2010)  Advisor:  Douglas C. B. Whittet

Instrument: SpeX

DeMeo, Francesca E.

The compositional variation of small bodies across the Solar System

Observatoire de Paris (2010)  Advisors:  M. Antonietta Barucci and Richard P. Binzel

Instrument: SpeX

Dupuy, Trent J.

Direct measurements of the fundamental properties of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs

University of Hawaii (2010) Advisor: Michael Liu

Instrument: SpeX

Faherty, Jacqueline K.

The brown dwarf kinematics project

State University of New York, Stony Brook (2010)  Advisors: Frederick M. Walter, Michael M. Shara and Adam J. Burgasser

Instrument: SpeX

Fieber-Beyer, Sherry K.

Mineralogical characterizations of asteroids in/near the 3:1 Kirkwood gap

University of North Dakota (2010)  Advisor:  Michael Gaffey

Instrument: SpeX

FonfriA Exposito, Jose Pablo

MoleculaR astrophysics: Characterization of circumstellar envelopes and collisional processes in the laboratory

Universidad Complutense de Madrid  (2010)  Advisor:  Jose Cernicharo Quintanilla and Salvador Montero Martin

Instrument: TEXES

Nedelcu, Dan Alin

Modélisation dynamique et spectroscopique des astéroïdes: applications aux géocroiseurs et aux cibles de missions spatiales

Observatoire de Paris (2010) Advisors: Jean Souchay and Mirel Birlan

Instruments: CSHELL, SpeX

Norwood, James Walter

The vertical structure of the Uranian atmosphere near equinox as modeled with near-infrared spectroscopic observations

New Mexico State University (2010)  Advisor:  Nancy Chanover

Instrument: SpeX

Willman, Mark

Space weathering on S-complex asteroids

University of Hawaii (2010)  Advisor:  Robert Jedicke

Instrument: SpeX


Carry, Benoit

Etude des propriétés physiques des astéroides paR imagerie à haute résolution angulaire

UniversitéParis-Diderot, Paris VII (2009) Advisors: Christophe Dumas and Marcello Fulchignoni

Instrument: MIRSI

Espaillat, Catherine C.

The evolution of dusty disks around low-mass pre-main sequence stars

University of Michigan (2009) Advisor: Nuria P. Calvet

Instrument: SpeX

Hesselbach, Erica N.

Probing the circumstellar disks of classical Be stars with optical and near-infrared spectroscopy

The University of Toledo (2009)  Advisor:  Karen S. Bjorkman

Instrument: SpeX

Kanupuru, Vishnu

Mineralogical survey of near-Earth asteroid population: Implications for impact hazard assessment and sustainability of life on Earth

University of North Dakota (2009)  Advisor: Michael J. Gaffey

Instrument: SpeX

Laag, Edward Aric

Observations of starburst galaxies: Science and supporting technology

University of California, Riverside (2009)  Advisor: Gabriela Canalizo

Instrument: SpeX

Melis, Carl Anthony

The life, death, and composition of exoterrestrial planets around intermediate mass stars

University of California, Los Angeles (2009)  Advisor: Benjamin M. Zuckerman

Instrument: SpeX

Moskovitz, Nicholas A.

Spectroscopic and theoretical constraints on the differentiation of planetesimals

University of Hawaii at Manoa (2009)  Advisor:  Eric Gaidos

Instrument: SpeX

Thomas, Cristina Ana

Tracing meteorite source regions through asteroid spectroscopy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2009)  Advisor: Richard P. Binzel

Instrument: SpeX

Yang, Bin

WateR in primitive solar system bodies

University of Hawaii (2009)  Advisor:  David Jewitt

Instrument: SpeX

Yang, Hao

The magnetic fields of young stars

Rice University (2009)  Advisor:  Christopher M. Johns-Krull

Instrument: CSHELL


Berthoud, Marc George

Carbon monoxide emission from the inner disk around intermediate-mass stars

Cornell University (2008) Advisor: Terry Herter

Instruments: SpeX, CSHELL

Bitner, Martin Allan, Jr.

High resolution spectroscopy of old stars and young disks

University of Texas at Austin (2008) Advisor: John H. Lacy

Instrument: TEXES

Campbell, Ryan

Phase-resolved cyclotron spectroscopy of polars

New Mexico State University (2008) Advisor: Thomas E. Harrison

Instrument: SpeX

Carpenter, William Joseph

Dust grain growth and disk evolution of a set of young stellar objects

University of Cincinnati (2008) Advisor: Michael Sitko

Instrument: BASS

Lystrup, Makenzie Brook

NeaR infrared studies of Jupiter's upper atmosphere

University College London (2008)  Advisor:  Steve Miller

Instrument: CSHELL

Mauerhan, Jon Christian

Massive stellar x-ray sources in the galactic center

University of California, Los Angeles (2008)  Advisor:  Mark Morris

Instrument: SpeX

Mikles, Valerie Jean

X-ray and infrared spectral and timing observations of galactic interacting binary stars and associated relativistic jets

University of Florida (2008)  Advisor:  Steven S. Eikenberry

Instrument: SpeX

Riffel, Rogério

Galáxias de núcleo ativo: caracterização do contínuo e das linhas de emissão no infravermelho próximo

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (2008) Advisor: Miriani GriseldA Pastoriza

Instrument: SpeX

Schaller, Emily Lauren

I. Seasonal changes in Titan's cloud activity II. Volatile ices on outer solar system objects

CaliforniA Institute of Technology (2008)  Advisor:  Michael E. Brown

Instrument: SpeX

Strong, Shadrian Brittany

Climate modeling of giant planets: The Saturnian seasonal stratosphere

University of Texas at Austin (2008)  Advisor: John H. Lacy

Instrument: TEXES


Connelley, Michael S.

The evolution of the multiplicity of young stellar objects

University of Hawaii (2007) Advisors: Alan T. Tokunaga and Bo Reipurth

Instrument: SpeX

Fletcher, Leigh Nicholas

Saturn's Atmosphere: Structure and Composition from Cassini/CIRS

University of Oxford (2007) Advisor: Patrick Irwin

Instrument: MIRSI

McElwain, Michael William

High contrast spectral imaging of sub-stellar companions around nearby young stars

University of California, Los Angeles (2007)  Advisor:  James Larkin

Instrument: SpeX

McGrath, Elizabeth J.

Formation and evolution of massive galaxies and AGN in the early universe

University of Hawaii (2007)  Advisor: Alan Stockton

Instrument: NSFCAM

Merlin, Frédéric

Étude des processus physiques qui gouvernent l’évolution des petits corps glacés du système solaire

Observatoire de Paris (2007) Advisor: Maria Antonella Barucci

Instrument: SpeX

Mueller, Michael

Surface properties of asteroids from mid-infrared observations and thermophysical modeling

Free University of Berlin (2007)  Advisor:  Alan W. Harris

Instruments: MIRSI, Apogee

Nedachi, Ko

An infrared study of the highest density cluster core in R CrA star-forming region

The University of Tokyo (2007) Advisor: Naoto Kobayashi

Instrument: NSFCAM

Ohtsuki, Shoko

Spectroscopic study of the Venus 1.27-µm night airglow

The University of Tokyo (2007) Advisor: Naomoto Iwagami

Instrument: CSHELL

Stalder, Brian Adam

Adaptive optics studies of high redshift radio galaxies

University of Hawaii (2007)  Advisor:  Ken Chambers

Instrument: SpeX


Allers, Katelyn Natalie

Disks and dissociation regions: The interaction of young stellar objects with their environments

University of Texas at Austin (2006) Advisor: Daniel T. Jaffe

Instrument: TEXES

Anderson, Carrie M.

Aerosol vertical structure in earth-analog atmospheres: Titan's haze and Martian dust

New Mexico State University (2006) Advisor: Nancy J. Chanover

Instrument: SpeX

Bender, Chad Frederick

Dynamical masses of low mass spectroscopic binary stars

State University of New York, Stony Brook (2006) Advisor: Michal Simon

Instrument: CSHELL

Glikman, Eilat

The nature of dust obscured quasars

ColumbiA University (2006) Advisor:  David J. Helfand

Instrument: SpeX

Kelley, Michael Sean

The size, structure, and mineralogy of comet dust

University of Minnesota (2006)  Advisor:  Charles E. Woodward

Instruments: NSFCAM, SpeX

Kilic, Mukremin

Cool white dwarfs and the age of the galaxy

University of Texas at Austin (2006)  Advisors:  Don E. Winget and Ted von Hippel

Instrument: SpeX

Knez, Claudia

Chemical evolution of ice and gas from molecular clouds to protostars

University of Texas at Austin (2006)  Advisors:  Neal J. Evans II and John H. Lacy

Instrument: TEXES

Marcq, Emmanuel

Prélude à la mission Venus Express: étude de l’atmosphère par spectro-imagerie infrarouge

Observatoire de Paris (2006) Advisor: Thérèse Encrenaz

Instrument: SpeX

Marion, George Howard

Use of near infrared spectra to probe the chemical structure of type IA supernovae

University of Texas at Austin (2006)  Advisors:  J. Craig Wheeler and Peter Hoflich

Instrument: SpeX

Vernazza, Pierre

Étude des propriétés physiques des astéroïdes

Observatoire de Paris (2006) Advisor: Marcello Fulchignoni

Instrument: SpeX

Zhu, Qingfeng

Mid-infrared fine structure line studies of ultracompact HII regions

University of Texas at Austin (2006)  Advisor:  John H. Lacy

Instrument: TEXES

Ziffer, Julie Elaine

Near-infrared observations of comet-asteroid transition objects

University of Central Florida (2006)  Advisor: Humberto Campins

Instrument: SpeX


Allen, Peter R.

From the cradle to limbo: A Bayesian study of the substellar mass function

University of Pennsylvania (2005) Advisor: Gary Bernstein

Instruments: NSFCAM, SpeX

Bonev, Boncho P.

Towards a chemical taxonomy of comets: Infrared spectroscopic methods foR quantitative measurements of cometary water

University of Toledo (2005) Advisors: Philip B. James and Michael J. Mumma

Instrument: CSHELL

Dahm, Scott E.

The evolution of young clusters

University of Hawaii (2005) Advisor: George H. Herbig

Instrument: SpeX

Fast, Kelly Elizabeth

Mars ozone abundances from infrared heterodyne spectra and theiR application to the study of the stability of the Martian atmosphere

University of Maryland, College Park (2005)  Advisor:  Michael F. A'Hearn

Instruments: Goddard Infrared Heterodyne Spectrometer and HIPWAC

Wisniewski, John P.

The effect of age and metallicity on Be circumstellar disk formation

The University of Toledo (2005) Advisor: Karen S. Bjorkman

Instrument: SpeX


Brittain, Sean David

Using high-resolution near infrared spectroscopy to probe the interstellaR medium and circumstellar disks

University of Notre Dame (2004) Advisor: Terrence W. Rettig

Instrument: CSHELL

Cushing, Michael C.

A 0.6 to 4.1 micron spectroscopic study of very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs

University of Hawaii (2004) Advisor: John T. Rayner

Instrument: SpeX

Delbo, Marco

The nature of near-Earth asteroids from the study of their thermal infrared emission

Free University of Berlin  (2004)  Advisor:  Alan W. Harris

Instruments: MIRLIN, MIRSI

Greathouse, Thomas Kirk

Astronomical instrumentation in the mid-infrared and an observational study of Saturn's stratosphere

University of Texas at Austin (2004)  Advisor:  John H. Lacy

Instrument: TEXES

Kassis, Marc Frederick

Mid-infrared observations of photodissociation regions and MIRSI: A Mid-infrared Spectrometer and Imager developed for ground based observing

Boston University (2004)  Advisor:  James M. Jackson

Instrument: MIRSI

McCabe, Caer-Eve

On the road to planets: T Tauri disk evolution

University of California, Los Angeles (2004)  Advisor:  Andrea M. Ghez

Instrument: NSFCAM

Nestor, Daniel Brant

The nature and evolution of galaxies selected via gas cross section

University of Pittsburgh (2004)  Advisor:  David A. Turnshek

Instrument: NSFCAM

Parise, Bérengère

LA deutération dans les protoétoiles de faible masse

Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III (2004) Advisors: Emmanuel Caux and Cecilia Ceccarelli

Instrument: SpeX

Peterson, Dawn E.

The pre-main sequence and brown dwarf populations of OMC 2/3: A multiwavelength study

University of Rochester (2004)  Advisor:  Judith L. Pipher

Instrument: SpeX

Yuan, Juntao

Unification of QSOs via black holes and accretion properties

University of Texas at Austin (2004)  Advisors:  Beverly J Wills and Neal J. Evans II

Instrument: SpeX


Abell, Paul A.

Near-IR reflectance spectroscopy of mainbelt and near-Earth objects: A study of their compositions, meteorite affinities, and source regions

RensselaeR Polytechnic Institute (2003) Advisor: Frank Spear

Instruments: CVF + InSb photometer, SpeX

Bary, Jeffrey S.

Timescale for disk survival: A search for the molecular hydrogen component of protoplanetary disks orbiting T Tauri stars

Vanderbilt University (2003) Advisor: David Weintraub

Instrument: CSHELL

Bauer, James Monie

A physical survey of Centaurs

University of Hawaii (2003) Advisor: Karen J. Meech

Instrument: SpeX

Hardersen, Paul Scott

Near-IR reflectance spectroscopy of asteroids and study of the thermal history of the main asteroid belt

RensselaeR Polytechnic Institute (2003)  Advisor:  Frank Spear

Instrument: SpeX

Richardson, Lee Jeremy

Infrared spectroscopy of the transiting extrasolar planet HD 209458 b during secondary eclipse

University of Colorado at Boulder (2003)  Advisor:  Drake Deming

Instrument: SpeX

Valencic, Lynne Angela

The extinction properties of reddened galactic OB sightlines

LouisianA State University (2003)  Advisor:  Geoffrey C. Clayton

Instrument: SpeX


Bendo, George John

The Infrared Space Observatory atlas of bright spiral galaxies

University of Hawaii (2002) Advisor: Robert D. Joseph

Instruments: NSFCAM, SpeX

Emery, Joshua Patrick

Constraints on the surface composition of Trojan asteroids from near infrared (0.8-4.0 micron) spectroscopy and spectral modeling

University of Arizona (2002) Advisor: Robert H. Brown

Instruments: NSFCAM, SpeX

Ueta, Toshiya

Circumstellar distribution of dust grains around proto- planetary nebulae: Observational evidence for axisymmetry and 2.5-D radiative transfer model calculations

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2002)  Advisor:  Margaret Meixner

Instruments: MIRAC2, MIRAC3


Beck, Tracy Lea

Observational investigations of obscured young stars

State University of New York, Stony Brook (2001) Advisor: Michal Simon

Instruments: NSFCAM, SpeX

Fisher, Robert Scott

Searching the solar neighborhood for protoplanetary debris disks: A survey of Vega-like sources and a discussion of new disk examples

University of Florida (2001)  Advisor:  Charles Telesco

Instrument: OSCIR

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