Applications Awarded Time Current and past applications that where awarded time
Science Highlights Highlights and discoveries
Bibliography IRTF Refereed Publication List
PhD Dissertations PhD dissertations (1998 - present) that utilize data obtained with the NASA IRTF.
How to acknowledge IRTF Observers must follow these instructions when publishing any work which incorporates data obtained at the IRTF
Comet ISON Campaign Information on the monitoring of the ISON Comet done by the IRTF
NEO spectral survey The resources and asteroid observing expertise of MIT, the University of Hawaii, and the NASA IRTF are being combined in a joint campaign to perform routine spectroscopic reconnaissance of near-Earth objects
SpeX Spectral LibraryThe IRTF Spectral Library is a collection of 0.8-5.0 μm mostly stellar spectra observed by the Spex device at the IRTF
IRTF Archive at IRSA The publicly availible archive of data collected at the IRTF
Data Reduction Resourceslinks to various resources for the reduction of data taken at the IRTF.
The SpeX Prism Spectral Libraries The SpeX Prism Library is a repository of low-resolution, near-infrared spectra, primarily of low-temperature dwarf stars and brown dwarfs