• Applications Awarded Time
  • Current and past applications that where awarded time
  • Science Highlights
  • Highlights and discoveries
  • Bibliography
  • IRTF Refereed Publication List
  • PhD Dissertations
  • PhD dissertations (1998 - present) that utilize data obtained with the NASA IRTF.
  • How to acknowledge IRTF
  • Observers must follow these instructions when publishing any work which incorporates data obtained at the IRTF
  • Comet ISON Campaign
  • Information on the monitoring of the ISON Comet done by the IRTF
  • NEO spectral survey
  • The resources and asteroid observing expertise of MIT, the University of Hawaii, and the NASA IRTF are being combined in a joint campaign to perform routine spectroscopic reconnaissance of near-Earth objects
  • SpeX Spectral Library
  • The IRTF Spectral Library is a collection of 0.8-5.0 μm mostly stellar spectra observed by the Spex device at the IRTF
  • IRTF Archive at IRSA
  • The publicly availible archive of data collected at the IRTF
  • Data Reduction Resources
  • links to various resources for the reduction of data taken at the IRTF.
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