Instruments Currently Available

Rev. 09/07/16

IRTF Facility Instruments

SpeX, 0.7-5.3 micron medium-resolution spectrograph

iSHELL, 1.1-5.3 micron cross-dispersed spectrograph and imager.

MORIS, Andor 512 x 512 pixel CCD camera mounted at the side-facing window of SpeX

Due to a failure, NSFCAM will not be available on the IRTF until further notice.
NSFCAM, 1-5.2 micron camera (2048 x 2048 HgCdTe array; rotating polarizer is available as an external attachment.

Collaborative PI/Facility Instrument

Due to a failure of the array electronics, MIRSI will not be available on the IRTF until further notice. Please check this site for future updates on the instrument status.

MIRSI, 8-26 micron camera and grism spectrometer with 320x240 Si:As array with 0.27 arcsec/pixel
Dr. Lynne Deustch, P.I. (deceased); Dr. James Jackson, representative for P.I., Boston University
MIRSI Instrument Team:Joe Hora, Marc Kassis, Joe Adam, and Eric Tollestrup
Phone:617-353-6499 (J. Jackson)
Proposal and Technical (J. Jackson), (Bobby Bus)

Visitor Instruments

Listed here are visitors' instruments often used at the IRTF. The PIs who own these instruments have agreed to consider collaborative applications from other astronomers for observing programs using them. Such programs must be agreed with the PIs who are listed for each instrument and the applications must be submitted jointly with the relevant PI. These instruments are not supported by the IRTF, and the costs of their transport and operation must be borne by PIs and their collaborators.

TEXES, 8-26 micron high resolution grating spectrograph
Dr. Matt Richter, UC Davis

BASS, medium resolution 3-14 micron spectrometer 116 element, non-scanning prism system
Dr. Ray Russell, Aerospace Corp.

Celeste, high-resolution 5-25 micron echelle spectrometer
Dr. Don Jennings, NASA Goddard

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