Preparing For Your Observing

Logistcs, Communications and Safety

  • Observing Requirements Form (ORF)
  • This form must be completed by the principal investigator on the observing application no later than one month prior to the observing run.
  • IRTF Remote Observing
  • IRTF Computer and Remote Observing Information.
  • Transportaion, traveling & Lodging
  • Instructions on how to procure lodging and a vehicle to reach the summit.
  • Visiting Observer Equipment
  • Instructions on shipping,transporting and storing equipment and hazardous material at the summit.
  • Review Health and Safety Information
  • These documents should be reviewed in order to maintain your health and safety when traveling to the summit.
  • Observers Guest Account
  • All observing programs granted time on the IRTF are required to utilise their unique guest account while observing at the IRTF.
  • Communication Options for Observers
  • Communication option for (remote) observers, ie VNC, video and audio links.

    Telescope and Catalog Data

    Telescope Pointing limits and GPS locations

    Starcat Can be used to load your prepared object list

    IR Photometric Standards Catalogs

    IR Spectroscopic Standards Catalog (Also useful for correcting spectra for telluric absorption)

    Isophotal wavelengths, isophotal frequencies, and flux densities for Vega for the MKO-NIR filters

    Daytime Sky Background (SpeX)

    UKIRTs Astronomical Utilities, Calibration Guides and Standards