IRTF's Gallery of Images

This page contains images of data taken at the IRTF. Just follow the links to each image page.

IRTF Home Science Highlights Image Gallery

04/02/97 - Jim Bell's collection of Mars images obtained at the IRTF duing the '94-95 and 96-97 apparitions.

11/7/96 - Campaign to observe Commet Hyakutake

10/8/96 - High-redshift Cluster of Protogalaxies

3/25/96 - Mirac2 Mid-IR Images + Profiles at Perigee of Hyakutake Comet

12/12/95 - Mirac2 Images of Jupiter at the time of Galileo Probe Entry

2/95-9/95 - Jupiter's Great Red Spot as viewed by NSFCAM over a period of time

7/26/95 - Jupiter as viewed by NSFCAM

5/18/95 - Jupiter and the New CSHELL

3/2/95 - Major Volcanic Eruption on Jupiter's Moon

8/1/94 - Jupiter with its Rings and Moons

7/1/94 - IRTF Images of the 1994 Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts with Jupiter