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# # Program information file # PROGRAM_ID 2022B023 PROGRAM_TITLE NIR Investigation of the Trojan Asteroid Eurybates, its Collisional Family, and the three L4 Lucy Mission Targets PROGRAM_INV1 Joshua Emery PROGRAM_INV2 Ian Wong PROGRAM_INV3 Raphael Marschall PROGRAM_INV4 Stefano Mottola PROGRAM_INV5 Jessica Sunshine PROGRAM_SCICAT main-belt / Trojan asteroids PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_BEG We propose rotationally-resolved near-infrared [NIR; 0.7 - 2.5 micron] spectral observations of the Trojan asteroid 3548 Eurybates, a survey of NIR spectra of smaller members of the Eurybates collisional family, and follow-up NIR spectra of the other L4 targets of the Lucy mission. Previous observations of Eurybates suggest spectral heterogeneity across its surface. We aim to characterize the spectral variations in terms of spectral slope and shape and to search for absorption features that may provide insight into Eurybates' interior composition. Mapping of spectral units will enable the mission team to target the most interesting parts of the surface. Spectral variability among VNIR spectra of Eurybates family members also suggests heterogeneity within the family's parent body. We aim to investigate whether the family is spectrally heterogeneous as a window into the interior of the parent body of the family. Observations of Lucy mission targets 15094 Polymele, 11351 Leucus, and 21900 Orus will investigate anomalous spectral shapes and potential variability seen in previously published data. Such characterization supports the developing understanding of these bodies leading up to the upcoming Lucy flybys. Specific absorptions we will search for in NIR spectra of all targets are those due to ices, organics, and/or silicates. PROGRAM_ABSTRACT_END