Observing Time Applications

Observing time on the IRTF is scheduled in 2 semesters per year. Applications for the 1 February - 31 July semester are due the previous 1 October, while those for the 1 August - 31 January semester are due 1 April. The availability of observing time is announced twice per year, 1 month in advance of each of these due dates. The telescope schedule is published and successful proposals are announced at least 1 month prior to the start of each semester.

Here is the current Call for Proposals announcement.

Review the IRTF Facility and Visitor Instruments Available.

The IRTF will accept only online submission of observing proposals. All submitted proposals must use the proposal attachment form below.

Submitting the Observing Time Application Form to the IRTF

You must submit your proposals via the online application form, and the proposal attachment pdf file should be submitted at that time. Proposals that do not include the attachment pdf file will be considered incomplete.

Please note that the deadline is 5:00PM HST on the due date. Proposals submitted after the deadline will be marked as "late" when passed on to the TAC.

Each proposal attachment file must be given the name PIname.pdf, where PIname is the last name and initials of the PI. For example, Frank D. Lima would be LimaFD.pdf or LimaF.pdf. Multiple proposals from the same PI should have sequential numbers added to the name; e.g., PIname_1.pdf, PIname_2.pdf, etc. The attachment file may be downloaded here:

MS Word attachment file LaTex attachment file LaTex style file

After downloading the attachment file, you can then edit the file and submit it as a pdf file through the proposal form. The Latex style file is optional, and it provides an alternative way to include figures.

Please note that 'Tab' should be used to navigate between the form items as the form is filled in. Hitting 'Enter' will attempt to submit the form (but will not cause any harm).

Some frequently asked questions and other useful information are listed here.

If you encounter problems, please contact us at (808) 956-6795.

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