IRTF Time Proposal Form

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Important information:
  • The 2022 Spring semester 'IRTF Time Proposal Form' automatically opens at 00:00 HST, Tuesday, 07 September, 2021, with the submission deadline at 17:00 HST, Friday, 01 October, 2021. There is a 15 minute grace period before the form automatically closes and no further access is permitted.

  • Please be aware that you must click the 'Submit Proposal' button for each session you wish to be counted as an application for time. Failing to do so will leave your session flagged as incomplete.

  • The official IRTF acknowledgement of each application for time is the confirmation email that is sent out around one week after the submission deadline. If a proposal was submitted and no confirmation email is received, contact the IRTF as soon as possible. A lot of work goes into preparing a proposal and no one wants to have a proposal excluded from the TAC review because of unforeseen technical issues.

  • All sessions are automatically saved when saving or submitting a proposal. This allows you to edit and make changes to your proposal up until the submission deadline. Change requests will not be accepted once the submission deadline has passed and the form is no longer available. Also, in order to prevent lost work, please be sure to save your proposal session as soon as you have the session code and PI details entered.

  • If you are submitting multiple proposals and wish to reuse your existing data, you will need to save your proposal, access the saved proposal and then click on the 'Generate New Session Code' button in order to generate a new session code for each new proposal. You will then receive an email with the access information that you will need to edit this new proposal.

  • Please double check all email addresses prior to saving and submitting your proposal. The IRTF uses these addresses for various notifications during the semester should a proposal be awarded time so it is becoming more important than ever that the entered email addresses are correct.

  • Beginning with the 2016B semester, raw data files taken with IRTF facility instruments will be made publicly available via an online archive following a proprietary period of 18 months that begins on the date of observation. Further information can be viewed on the IRTF Data Archive Policy page.

  • If a proposal is awarded observing time through the TAC-review process, the abstract will be preserved as part of the public archive. The abstract should contain brief summaries of both the scientific and technical justifications described in the proposal. It should be written in a way that provides future users of the data a cursory overview of the initial thought and planning that led to the observations. To accommodate this extended abstract, the maximum length has been increased to 300 words.

The session code and email are not required when starting a new proposal session. The session code will be emailed to the PI's email address if the session is saved for later editing. The session code is case sensitive. You will need the session code and the PI's email address to edit a saved proposal session. You must save your edited proposal each time before leaving the page or closing your browser or you will lose your changes.

The proposal is not submitted until you click the 'Submit Proposal' button and see the confirmation page. If you do not see the confirmation page, something has gone wrong and your proposal is not submitted.
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