TCS3 - Telescope Control System 3
NASA InfraRed Telescope Facility(IRTF), Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii

Technical Documentation & Data

Design Documentation - TCS3 Technical Documentationa.

Vendor Information / Documentation - Vendor provide Documents/Manuals

Staff Request - A List of staff generated request & status.

Position_logs Daily position information generate by tcs3.

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docs - Non public documents
data/ - Data area contains data from pointing run, encoder measurements, etc.
history/ - Project History Directory
history/MOWG_TCS3_Reports - Quick link to TCS3 MOWG Reports

More Computers info

Linux Notes Linux installation and update notes
PMac Notes PMAC motor controller notes
DomeServo E100 Notes (Includes dome-servo-pc notes)
Opto22 Notes opto22 Facility IO notes
embeddedx86 Notes SBC used for APE
Simtac Notes Lab system SIMulated TACometers

TCS3 Historical Documentation/Dates

2013/08 The 2013 hexapod became operational

2012/02 1202_dome_upgrade_docs Upgrading the Dome Servos/Motors

    Feb 2012 - started upgrade effort. Plans review and equipment purchased.
    Apr 2013 - Baldor system used for observing.
    Feb 2015 - Old dome servo hardware was removed from the IRTF.

2009/06 - Safety board Rev D, installed.

2009/01 0901_Safety_Board_Review_Rev_D
2009/02 - TCS1 offically decommisioned. Removal of TCS1 hardware begins.

2008/08/29 - Switch from TCS1 to TCS3 for Observing. (And never switched back).

2007/11 0711_TCS1_Model_Review

2006/11 0611_Final_Report
2006/06 - 1st engineering run with TCS3 fully functionals (Tracking & Slewing).

2005/02 0502_Electronics_and_Safety_Review

2004/05 Servo Review Documents

2003/08 Conceptual Design Documents

2001/06 TCS3 NASA Proposal (not the complete document)

2003/05 Project Overview: PDF Document or Directory.

Reference Data on the TCS1 System and Hardware

history/ - Project History Directory

history/MOWG_TCS3_Reports - Quick link to TCS3 MOWG Reports

Misc - other misc documents here