TCS3 - Telescope Control System 3
NASA InfraRed Telescope Facility(IRTF), Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii

TCS3 Home Page

The TCS3 is the Telescope Control System built to replace TCS1, the original facility control system (Master Bus Electronics/LSI-11/23/Forth) built in the 1970s.

TCS3 software runs under Linux. The servo control is performed by a PMAC controller with custom built electronics. Many facility systems are monitored and controlled using opto22 devices, a distributed Ethernet IO unit.

TCS3 has been used for observing since Aug 28,2008.
TCS1 was officially decommissioned on Dec 31, 2008, and removed from the IRTF during 2009.

User's Manuals:

ID Description .doc PDF or html
1101 MCC GUI and TO_Panel 1101_mcc_gui_and_to_panel.doc 1101_mcc_gui_and_to_panel.pdf
1102 t3remote 1102_t3remote.doc 1102_t3remote.pdf
1103 TCS3 Commands 1103_commands.doc 1103_commands.pdf
1104 Network Communications 1104_network_communications.doc 1104_network_communications.pdf

Operating Guides

ID Description .doc PDF or html
1201 Operators Guide 1201_Operators_Guide.doc 1201_Operators_Guide.pdf
1202 Pointing Run Procedures 1202_pointing_run.doc 1202_pointing_run.pdf
1203 Determining and Using New Encoder Ratios 1203_encoder_ratio.doc 1203_encoder_ratio.pdf

The above documents as 1 big PDF: tcs3_users_manual_all.pdf

Other Documents

TPOINT doumentation on IRTF only: tpoint_info.pdf and the TPOINT Manual: TPOINT_manual.pdf