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NASA IRTF Cryogenic Near-IR Facility Spectrograph

CSHELL is a 1 - 5.5 μm high resolution single-order echelle spectrograph which uses a 256 x 256 pixel InSb detector array.  Each pixel is 0.2" on the sky and the spectroscopic dispersion is 100,000 per pixel.  Slits from 0.5" to 4.0" provide spectral resolutions of up to 30,000.  CSHELL also has an IR imaging mode for source acquisition which covers a 30" x 30" field.  An internal CCD with a 1' FOV allows for guiding (guider images can be saved).  As of 2009, a new user interface was implemented and DV replaces VF as the data viewer.

General Information

CSHELL News and Reports

CSHELL Basic Information

Tips and Information for Observers

Prior to observing run

Startup and Shutdown procedures

How to focus

How to take images

How to take spectra

How to take calibration files

Imaging with the CSHELL guider

How to check array performance

How to write macros

How to use the cal_lines program

CSHELL Throughput

Information for IRTF Staff

CSHELL Startup Instructions

How to check array performance

How to guide with the CSHELL Guider

CSHELL (slit) Angle Convertor Tool

CSHELL Temperature Graphs

Software Notes


CSHELL commands

TCS3 commands

Starcat Documentation

Observing log

Observing log (alternate format)

Users Manual (OLD)

LAST UPDATE: February 4, 2010