Guiding with the CSHELL Guider

1.  Check XUI settings for reasonable initial values

A.  Itime should be less than 30 seconds (usually 0.5-5)
B.  Cycles and Coadd set to 1
C.  Click on the Full Window button
D.  Select Single Shot for the Cam Mode
E.  For Binning select 1x1 for bright objects or other values for dimmer objects
F.  Pixscale should always be 0.14 arcseconds/pixel (for 1x1 binning)
G.  Rotation is 0 for the default EW slit setup and ±90 for NS
H.  If you wish to see the image in the DV, check the View IC Data box

NOTE: When guiding, the data should be viewed from Cass PC on the KVM(IRTF KVM link)

guider xui image

2.  Adjust values to get good signal levels

A.  Click the GO button
B.  Adjust Itime as needed and take another exposure
C.  If the integration time needs to be less than 0.1 sec, have the observer put in VCCD on CSHELL XUI

3.  Have guider acquire target

A.  Click the Find Peak button to have the guider set Boxsize, BoxX, and BoxY values.
B.  If that fails, enter approx. 64 for Boxsize and upper-left corner of box desired position in BoxX and BoxY
NOTE: Itime and/or Binning usually need to be adjusted if Find Peak fails

4.  Guide on target

A.  Click the Start Guide button
B.  Click the Stop to stop guiding OR uncheck Guide and Send Guide boxes to keep taking images but not guide
NOTE: It is often possible to skip the acquisition step when going to new targets and just click the Resume Guiding button

NOTE: If Cass PC shows a green screen where guiding information once was, the CCD acquisition part of GIC has crashed.
To recover:

1.  Type die in GIC
2.  Quit the XUI
3.  Restart the IC and XUI

How to reboot cass PC: Ths cshell_staff_startup page has instructions for rebooting the PC.