CSHELL Startup and Shutdown procedures


1.  Connect to Cshell VNC session.

    A. Call the IRTF and asked for the VNC server:id (cshell is normally "stefan.ifa.hawaii.edu:7") and password.
    B. Use your vnc viewer client, and connect to this session.
    More detail on VNC is found at VNC page.

2.  Logon to the Cshell XUI.

A. Select guest account in the Identify your user account menu
B. Click on the Use CSHELL using the above account button.

startup image

3.  Enter observer and path information.

Autosave must be switched ON to change path, filename, or image number.

startup image

4.  Initialize CSHELL.

If any light path icons show an error, select the Setup tab and click the Init button for the specific icon
Set voltages to desired values and click Set Programmable Voltages (VDDUC default is -3.700 and VDET default is -3.375)

startup image

5.  Move slit to OPEN, put DIM in, and move filter to desired value.

startup image


startup image

1.  Close shutter.

2.  Blank off filter.

3.  Blank off slit.

4.  Make sure that all lamps are off.

startup image

5.  Logout of XUI.

6.  Quit VNC session.

LAST UPDATE: February 1, 2010