CSHELL Staff Startup Instructions

CSHELL refers to the CSHELL Instrument. CSHELL run in VNC 07.
GUIDER refers to the CSHELL Guider. The GUIDER runs in VNC 08.

CSHELL is normall powered up, with the IC, XUI, and DV running on CSHELLpc in
a VNC window in stefan. The TO are require to start the guider IC and GUI.

Staff instruction for establishing an VNC session: Using VNC with the IRTF 

0. Cshell and Guider VNC

   Normally vnc session 07 (for cshell)  and 08 (for the guider) are running on stefan.
   Connect to the vnc sessions.
      Use  vnc -show  to see if the vnc session are running.
      Use  vnc -kill cshell -d N to kill a session (N is 7 or 8).

      To start a VNC sesstion for the cshell user:  vnc -start cshell  .
      Note: both 7 and 8 must not exist, as start run the session in pairs.

1. Starting the Software

   1.1 Starting the CSHELL software

      Connect to vnc session: vncviewer stefan.ifa.hawaii.edu:07 .

      Using the workspace menu, select "CSHELLpc xterm" to get 3 xterms
		to the cshell PC.

      login and run the IC, XUI, and DV:

          cshellpc> startic
          cshellpc> startxui
          cshellpc> startdv

   1.2 Starting the GUIDER software

      Connect to vnc session: vncviewer stefan.ifa.hawaii.edu:08 .

      Create 3 xterms in the VNC session and start the IC, XUI, and DV.
          stefan>  rlogin casspc -l guider
          stefan>  ssh planck gxui -font fixed 
          stefan> ssh planck dv -p 30122 

       Or use the openwin menus to accomplish the same thing:


      On kvmcass, select the console for the CASSpc.  (IRTF KVM link)

2. Stopping the Software

   2.1 Stopping the CSHELL software

      Normally you can leave cshell running. At the end of the night,
      run the "show motors" macro (use the button next to Quit).
      Then run off cshell array power.

      Go to the CSHELL XUI window and type "die"
      After about 30 seconds, the XUI and IC will terminate.
      Quit DV.
      To kill cshell's VNC, use  vnc -kill cshell N  where N is the display number

   2.2 Stopping the GUIDER software

      Go to the Guider ic window and type "die" (anywhere in the window)
      to properly close down the program.

3. Powering Down CShell 

   3.1 Stop the CSHELL and GUIDER sofware (section 2).

   3.2 Bring up the two remote AC switches cshell1pwr and cshell2pwr
      by telnet cshell1pwr and logon with the name "irtf" and the current password.
      Repeat for the second switch.
      cshell1pwr controls the CSHELL array, GUIDER array, and utility box.
      cshell2pwr controls the casspc, cshellpc, interface box, and motor power box.
      Turn off the CSHL array and VIS array using the "off N" (where N is a number).
      command at the "RPC3>" prompt. The run off the CSHTL utils, CSHL motor, and CSHL intfc
      in that order. The CSHELLpc and CASSpc should be left on at this point.

   3.3  Casspc and cshellpc's console can be acccessed via the KVM(IRTF KVM link). OR you can
      telnet via the network.
      Login to casspc as root, and type "shutdown".
      Login to cshellpc as root, and type "shutdown".

      Now you can power off the PCs using the cshell2pwr.

4. Powering UP Cshell 

   Bring up the cshell1pwr and cshell2pwr switches (section 3), and power on
      the CSHELLpc and CASSpc
   When the login prompt appears on the CSHELLpc (KVM), turn on the CSHELL utils,
     from cshell1pwr, and CSHELL intfc and CSHL motor from cshell2pwr.
   Start the CSHELL software (section 1.)
   Do nothing for CASSPC.
   Turn on power to "CSHL power" and "VIS array" from cshell1pwr.

   Proceed to "Checking out CSHELL"

5. Rebooting the PCs

   Turn off the power to the CSHL array and/or the VIS array from cshell1pwr.

   Go to the cshell GUI and type "die" in the XUI.
   Login in as root to cshellpc, and type reboot.
   Restart the CSHELL software (section 1.1).
   Turn on CSHL array power.

   Go to the casspc console.
   If the guider is running, log in remotely as "rlogin casspc -l reboot",
   else just login as "reboot".
   Turn on VIS array power.

   Proceed to "Checking out CSHELL"
6. Checking out CSHELL 7. How to run recordtemp
ssh cshellpc -l cshell
cshell> cd current/ic
cshell> recordtemp

LAST UPDATE: February 1, 2010 (format only)