Freia: SSH Tunneling on Windows

Window user can setup SSH Tunneling using PuTTy.
Note the screen shots show for fguest1, port 5901. Change the value for your guest account, ie: fguest2 uses 5902, fguest3 uese 9503, etc..

1. Creating an SSH Tunnel

  • 1. Start putty
  • 2. Expand the SSH category on the left and click 'Tunnels'
  • 3. In 'Source Port', enter 590N where N is the number in your fguestN username
  • 4. In 'Destination', enter localhost:590N where N is the number from your fguestN username
  • 5. Click 'Add' to store the information
  • 6. Click the 'Session' category and enter the full hostname:
  • 7. To save the settings, type a name under 'Saved Sessions' and click 'Save'
  • 8. Click 'Open' to begin the ssh session and log into freia using your fguestN account

2. Connecting to the VNC Viewer

To connect to the remote Server, open your VNC Viewer, and enter localhosts:590N
It is recommended you use the RealVNC vncviewer.