Call for Proposals for the
NASA Infrared Telescope Facility

DEADLINE: Monday 01 October 2012

Proposals for observing time on the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility for the February 1 through July 31, 2013 semester are due Monday, October 1, 2012, 5:00 P.M. Hawaii Standard Time.

See our Web site for our online submission form. Please note that we allow only one page each for the Scientific Justification and the Technical Justification. You may include one additional page for figures and tables. Submit these as a pdf attachment via the online form.

Observers should read the information on the current IRTF instrument complement and also on the visitor instruments that are available on a collaborative basis at

Facility instruments include: SpeX (0.8-5.4 micron spectrograph), NSFCAM2 (1-5 micron camera) and CSHELL (1-5 micron high-resolution spectrograph).

Visitor instruments (available on a collaborative basis with the instrument team) include: TEXES (5-20 micron high-resolution spectrograph; contact Matt Richter at for more information), BASS (3-14 micron spectrometer; contact Ray Russell at, CELESTE (5-25 micron echelle spectrometer; contact Don Jennings at, and HIPWAC (9-12 micron heterodyne spectrometer; contact Ted Kostiuk at

Remote observing is available with SpeX, NSFCAM2, and CSHELL from any site that is convenient for the observer.

NSFCAM2 is being upgraded with a new array and array controller this fall. See our website for details.


  1. Please note that SpeX will not be available on semester 2013B, which starts in August 2013.

  2. Please review our publication list and send to William Walters ( any missing references or corrections: (refereed publications) (unrefereed publications)

    This is critical for our efforts to continue funding for the IRTF.