TCS3 - Telescope Control System 3
NASA InfraRed Telescope Facility(IRTF), Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii

Starcat - The IRTF Star Catalog Application

User's Guide 

   starcat_userguide.pdf (PDF) OR starcat_userguide.odt (.odt - openoffice document)

Catalog Summary

IRTF star catalogs are listed below. From the orginial source, we have reduced the
number of stars to those within -59:00 to +69:57  Dec (The IRTF Field of View).

Name     Description                                             NumObjects
HR       Bright Star Catalog star from IRTF_REF_STARS.txt              8,100

FK5      Fifth Fundamental Catalogue (FK5) Part I (1997)               3,940

HD       Henry Draper star from IRTF_REF_STARS.txt                   301,264 

SAO      SAO stars from IRTF_REF_STARS.txt                           235,486 
         (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog)

HIP      Hipparcos stars from IRTF_REF_STARS.txt                     104,139  

PPM      PPM Stars stars from IRTF_REF_STARS.txt                     352,128   
         (Positions and Proper Motions Star Catalogue)

FS       UKIRT Faint Standards fro IRTF_REF_STARS.txt                     79
GSC      Guide Star Catalog v1.1 (1999)                           16,484,108   

2mass    2MASS All-Sky Data Release (2003 release)                 5,581,382   
         (IRTF uses a subset, Kmag 7-10)

nomad    The U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO) NOMAD catalog.        1.1 billion
         NOMAD = Naval Observatory Merged Astrometric Dataset

This catalogs_info page has more details, including 
star distribution and magnitude graphs.

Programmer's Notes 

Notes on building the catalog and the raw catalog data is located at 

Source code at /home/tcs3/src/tcs3/clients/...