SpeX 1.0 Computers & Software Technical Documentations

Here are my notes and documentation about spex, its computer, and software. These documents are more technical in nature. Not intended for casual users.

1402-spex_upgrade - Notes related to the 2014-02 spex work... bring and running spex in hilo just prior to it's upgrade.

1201-sparclx - Tried getting a sparc lx working, netboot, or disk. - But Failed!

1201-hilodog - Notes on get another hilodog working 2012-Jan

111211-guidedog-failed - Notes on when guidedog failed 2011/11/12.

System_interconnect.pdf - Simplifed Location and Interconnection Diagram for Computer Systems.

SpeX Inside the IRTF (pdf) - Location and Interconnection Diagram for Spex at the IRTF.

Description of the Spex Software 2001/07. (plus updated screen shot from 2012)

Description of the BigDog computer & peripherals.

Description of the GuideDog computer & peripherals.

Description of Little Dog's computer & peripherals.

Mechanism.pdf - Describes the devices and mechanism contolled by little Dog. Also available in the MSWord97format.

ufsrestore.txt - how to restore the OS to a new disk.
See spex_summit_spare_disk.doc - Information about the spare disk for bigdog & guidedog located at the summit.

Description of testsm - The Test Smart Motor program.

Description of testStepper - The Test Stepper Motor program.

Note about using GTK Themes with GTK+ Applications

Misc Stuff:

    207mux.pdf - Tony's notes on the software upgrades for the 206 Mux.

    Diag - How to run diag, the DSP/array test application.

    AboutPatterns - Terminology/concepts of Patterns/Sequence Tables.

    Example Observing Programs (PDF) - J.Rayner's Examples of likely observing modes.

    Baytech RPC3's user_manual.

    VS-104 video Splitter manual: vs104a.gif & vs104b.gif.

    ICS ADIO 1600 Manual: ICS_ADIO1600_Manual.pdf.