SpeX's Computers and Software Documentation

1. Spex 2.0

In 2013, the spex computers and software was upgraded along with the spectrograph H2RG,
and IARC controllers. This SpeX 2.0 system uses Linux CentOS x86 computer for the
Bigdog, Guidedog, and Littledog, as well as new cool rack electronics for the instrument
control. SpeX 2.0 was used at the IRTF from July 2014.

Much of the programmer notes are stored in the 's2' user account, used by the
SpeX Programmer for software development.  Goto irtfweb.ifa.hawaii.edu/~s2.

Some frequently accessed links:

   Spex-2.0 Temperature Graphs

   Spex-2.0 Computers, Software, and Mechanisms Diagrams (PDF)

   Spex-2.0 Dictionary of Commands (PDF)


2. Archive of SpeX 1.0 Documentation 

SpeX 1.0 is the SPARC/Solaris VME computer system with the Ixthos DSP controller boards
to run the array controller. Documentation and notes for this system is archived here.
Spex 1.0 was used at the IRTF from May 2000 to Jan 2014

   1. Users Documentation
   2. Technical Documentation
   3. Programmer's ChangeLog