SpeX 1.0 Computers & Software User Documentation

Spex Software Documentation geared toward the Observers.

0. Statup and Shutdown Procedures.

    Startup Procedure
    Shutdown Procedures (Staff Only)

1. The Spex User's Guide Volume One - Software Procedures - This document outlines the user procedures for for the SpeX camera software (Instrument Control & Graphical User Interface).

    MSWord 97 document
2. The Spex User's Guide Volume Two - Software Concepts and Supplemental Information - This document describes software concepts and provide other miscellanous information about the spex software.
    MSWord 97 document
3. The IC/XUI Dictionary of Commands in:
    MSWord 97 document

4. The LittleDog Mechanism document (mechanism.pdf). is a technical document, but provide a good information on the filters or elements provided by the different mechanism.

5. The documentation for DV, the FITS image viewer used by the Spex Instrumentation software, is located on the DV Home page.

6. Some information on Little Dog GUI Tools in: A set of GUI tool to allow detailed monitoring and control of some of little dog's perpherials are available.

    ad16_tool.pdf - GUI for the AD16 digitial/Analog IO board.
    pc58_tool.pdf - GUI for the pc58 stepper motor board.
    sm3410_tool.pdf - GUI for the SmartMotor controller/motor.
    tc330_tool.pdf - GUI for the LakeShore 330 Temperature controller.
7. The SPeX Preliminary Design Review Software section (as a PDF). is a general outline on what I planned for the spex software in Apr 96. And it's not too far off of what SpeX will be.