SpeX: 0.7-5.3 Micron Medium-Resolution Spectrograph and Imager
NASA InfraRed Telescope Facility(IRTF), Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii

IRTF Spectral Library


Data Format:

The tables in the IRTF Spectral Library give the stellar IDs, spectral types and data files in both FITS and simple ascii (text) formats. (The FITS files can be read with the IDL GUIs found in the Spextool data reduction package.).  Pertinent information about the objects are given in the headers of the files.  PNG plots of each star are also given. Tar files containing all the spectra and plots are available at the top of each page.

We ask all users of these spectra to reference the original refereed publications. Note some of the M dwarfs have two references.

Notes about the spectra:

• The spectra have all been absolutely flux calibrated using 2MASS photometry values. The uncertainty in the absolute level of the flux calibration is given in the header of each file.

• A few of the spectral types, particularly those for the early F stars, are subject to revision.

• Although obvious bad pixels have been removed, no smoothing has been done.

• The spectra have been shifted to zero radial velocity.

• Missing data are designated with -999 in the text files and NaN's in the FITS files.

• Regions of poor atmospheric transmission are marked on the plots with gray vertical bands.