SpeX: 0.7-5.3 Micron Medium-Resolution Spectrograph and Imager
NASA InfraRed Telescope Facility(IRTF), Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii

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The Planets

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C05: Cushing, M.C., Rayner, J.T, & Vacca, W.D. (2005, ApJ, 623, 1115)
R09: Rayner, J.T., Cushing, M.C., & Vacca, W.D. (2009, ApJS, 185, 289)

Name Other Name Spectral Type Variability Type [*] Wavelength Range Spectra Plot Unreddened Spectra Plot Reference

Jupiter plnt 0.81-4.94 μm FITS Text PNG R09
Saturn plnt 0.80-5.02 μm FITS Text PNG R09
Uranus plnt 0.82-2.47 μm FITS Text PNG R09
Neptune plnt 0.81-4.12 μm FITS Text PNG R09