NSFCAM2, a 1-5.5 µm Camera

The old NSFCAM is no more.  We are in the process of upgrading it with a new infrared array and we call this new instrument NSFCAM2. A description of the instrument follows:

NSFCAM2 is a 1-5 µm imager with a 2048x2048 Hawaii-2RG detector. The image scale is 0.04 arcsec/pixel and the field of view is 80x80 arcsec. NSFCAM2 is an upgrade of NSFCAM and has the same set of filters. A 28-position filter wheel contains a selection of broad-band, narrow-band filters, and a wire grid polariser. A second filter wheel contains a 1.6-5 µm CVF and grisms for low resolution spectroscopy. (Although the latter is best done with SpeX.) Slits for the grisms are contained in a focal plane wheel. The focal plane wheel also contains field lenses to allow NSFCAM2 to be used with the AO system. The AO system mounts on the side of the camera and is fed by a cold dichroic inside NSFCAM2. Rotating waveplates can be inserted into the beam just above the cryostat window for polarization studies.

NSFCAM2 is scheduled for commissioning on the telescope starting in September 2005.

For latest information contact Eric Tollestrup or John Rayner.

NSFCam2 News and Recent Reports

99/09 - Installation of the new Mauna Kea filter set in NSFCam.

99/06 - Preliminary results on the calibration and color terms of the new Mauna Kea infrared filter set .

98/10 - NSFCAM Timing/GPS Information (pdf file).

98/03 - Updated information on the photometric color transformations for NSFCam Filters.

06/07 - Updated information on the filters profiles and other transformations

NSFCam2 Documentation

NSFCam2 Log Sheets.

List of filters currently installed in NSFCam2 is available.

Filter Transmission Profiles are also available.

Reducing the effects of scattered light when observing near the Sun - from John Spencer of Lowell Observatory

IR Reference Data (Photometric Catalogs, Spectroscopic Standards Catalogs. Filter Wavelengths and Flux Densities for Vega)

Link to OLD NSFCAM webpage .
"NSFCAM Signal-toNoise calculator can be found here. Use a plate scale of 0.055 arsec/pixel for NSFCAM2."

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