History of NSFCAM Announcement & Reports

This page contains a log of announcement and reports issued about NSFCAM

04/00 Focus Values for NSFCam + Tip/Tilt - W. Vacca

10/99 Update on NSFCam Backgrounds and Zero Points - W. Vacca

09/99 Installation of the new Mauna Kea IR filter set in NSFCam - W. Vacca

06/99 Preliminary calibration of the new Mauna Kea IR filter set - W. Vacca

10/98 NSFCam timing/GPS information - T. Denault

05/21/98 Installed new nsfpc and replaced LynxOS with Linux. - T. Denault

03/98 Update on NSFCam sensitivity - P. Bryant

03/98 Update on photometric color transformations for NSFCam filters - P. Bryant and S. Leggett

05/26/96 Repairs successful, new diffused dark feature on array - S. Leggett

05/23/96 Summary of repair work to fix filter drive failure - D.Toomey