MOC (MIRSI Optical Camera)

MOC (MIRSI Optical Camera) is a visible wavelength camera attached to the MIRIS Infrared Insturment. MOC was part of the MIRIS's 2016 upgraded.

MOC is based on the IRTF's MORIS, and the MIT POETS. Its main components include:


2018-01 - The upgraded MIRIS cryostat (with a close cycle cooler) is delivered to the IRTF. 

2016-11 - The Ixon Ultra Camera and the new software being developed for MOC was deployed on MORIS,
 replacing the 2008 Ixon Camera, and old Moris software, driver, and OS.
 A new camera system will be purchased for MOC.

2016-04 - development on the MOC started. The Ixon Ultra camera arrive in June, and
  1st image using the updated Linux software taken in October: 161010-moc-1st-image.png