Welcome to the Image Quality Upgrade Project

IQUP Plan document (2002/08/05)

Power Point Kickoff Mtg document (2002/08/06)

Environment Data

Dome Environment

HVAC Diagrams

Image Quality Assessment

Mirror Cooling

    Mirror Cooling Policy
    Mirror Cooling Summary Graph
    Obsolete Pages

Weather Images

    88in allsky
    CFHT asiva ir diff
    CFHT asiva visible
    CFHT cloud cam
    Keck cloud cam
    NOAA hawaii 4km ir
    NOAA hawaii water vapour
    CSO 24-hr tau plot

Sensor Documentation and Status (Excel Doc)

Meetings Log

Pre-2002 Image Quality documentation

Querying and Graphing IQUP Data

IQUP getdata - Query and graph data.(Implemented 2010/06). The readme.html file.

Display recently values stored in the IQUP database:

    Data shows the lastest sampled data.
    Sensor shows sensor keywords.
If you need move advance queries for IQUP data, see Miranda.

Last updated December 4, 2003 -- Please contact Miranda Hawarden-Ogata with any questions