PHP Graph

Web GUI The default index.php will log in to iqup and get all of the sensor IDs in the 'Sensor' table and list it. The default account can be changed. Just change the fields in the 'Default Accounts' section at the top of the index.php. You can also specify another default account by adding '?' (ex. index.php?spex). Or you can specify a specific host, user, pass, database, datafile, and/or idfile, just seperate each with an '&' (ex. index.php? URL Use Everything can be done in the url to the page. Add fields after the '?' in the url (ex. path/?iqup). Separate fields with '&' (ex. path/?graph&iqup&start=8:00AM&end=8:00PM&sensorID=LoadcellNE,LoadcellNW,LoadcellS>ype=3). Acceptable fields: graph: bypass web gui and start graphing. (see previous example) If you use graph you will need to supply the start, end, sensorID(s), and graph type. If you don't supply a default account or the host, user, password, database, and datafile the defaults will be used. default accounts: (More can be added to the 'Default Accounts' section of the index.php.) iqup spex Setting any of these will override the default/account equivalent: (ex. index.php?spex&database=iqup&idfile=Sensor will use the spex account's host, user, pass, and datafile, but use the iqup database and idfile) host: Hostname user: Username. pass: Password. database: Database. datafile: Table with the sensor data. idfile: Table with a list of sensor names. (Only needed for web gui) The default account's settings will be used if an account is not specified or any of the feilds are not supplied. start: Date/Time or unix timestamp. end: Date/Time or unix timestamp. hour: Return the last hour. Add a value for multiple hours. (ex. hour=2, for the last 2 hours). day: Return the last day. Add a value for multiple days. (ex. day=2, for the last 2 days). week: Return the last week. Add a value for multiple weeks. (ex. week=2, for the last 2 weeks). month: Return the last month. Add a value for multiple months. (ex. month=2, for the last 2 months). sensorID: ',' delimited. (sensorID=LoadcellNE,LoadcellNW,LoadcellS). gtype: 1 - all sensors on one graph, 2 - each sensor has it's own graph, or 3 - data in text format ',' delimited. width: Set graph width. height: Set graph height. fields: If mySQL table fields are not labled 'Timestamp' and 'SensorData'. (fields=Timestamp,SensorData). pagetitle: If you want to set the title of the page. Tab/Window depending on browser. Example for specifing graphs as an URL index.php?graph&iqup&hour=2&sensorID=TM1,DewPt1,MC_TGO,MC_TAO,MC_TG,MC_ACT,MC_FAN,MC_HEAT>ype=1&width=1050 index.php?graph&iqup&day=2&sensorID=TM1,DewPt1,MC_TGO,MC_TAO,MC_TG,MC_ACT,MC_FAN,MC_HEAT>ype=1&width=1050