SpeX Staff Power Up Instructions
Instructions to power up SpeX from a complete powered off state. Prior to powering up SpeX, the IRTF network and stefan should be functioning. 1. Turning ON Power 1.1. Power Up the Computers Spex uses 3 PC located in the TCS Room: bigdog, guidedog, and ldog. To powering up these systems, do the following: Insure the power switch on the CPU box is ON. Press the power button on the front of the PC. The case LED should provide you feedback. These computers are also connected to the TCS Rm's IP KVM. If necessary, you can view the console using the KVM. Ref: http://irtfweb.ifa.hawaii.edu/irtf/computing/network/kvm.php Insure all 3 system are running: bigdog, guidedog, and ldog. 1.2. Powering Up CoolRacks Equipment Run 'rpcm' in an stefan xterm to run the RPC Manager. Select 'spexoutpwr' in the pull down menu. Click on the 'Get Status' button to see the current status. Motor_Control - Select ON to turn on power to the Motor Control Box WTI_Cal_Lamps - Select ON to turn on power to the CalLamp Controll box. H2RG_Spect - Select ON to turn on the Bigdog/H2RG Power (Agilent P/S + IARC controller). Aladdin_Guide - Select ON to turn on the Guidedog/Aladdin Power (Agilent P/S + IARC controller). Note: SpeX's Temperature Controller box is plugged directly into the UPS outlet. The coolracks temperature controller box must be manually accessed to power OFF or ON. (but normally kept ON). 2. Starting the Software littledog: Connect to littledog's vnc server (ldog start it own vnc server at boot up). And open an xterm (need to become the ldog user for RL8): vncviewer ldog:16000 # RL8: project passwd open an xterm on the desktop (click on Activities Menu, then 9-dot icon to show X-Term icon) 'su - ldog' to become ldog (project passwd) As ldog, start the littledog software in the terminal: cd current/ldog ldog_ic Bigdog: Connect to the bigdog VNC. vncviewer stefan:1 Create 4 xterms using the 'ssh bigdog' icon. Then start the 4 applications that make up bigdog: startic startiarc startxui startdv Guidedog: Connect to the guidedog VNC. vncviewer stefan:2 Create 4 xterms using the 'ssh guidedog' icon. Then start the 4 applications that make up guidedog: startic startiarc startxui startdv