NSFCAM2 Status
NSFCam was returned to the summit on February 19, 2013. Recommissioning observations started on Feb 25, 2013. Read noise achieved at the summit is 10-12 e- in a CDS read. Reading the array with 16 NDRs resulted in a read noise of 4 e-. Observations of a photometric standard star show that our sensitivity at H and K exceed the performance of NSFCam before the upgrade. J-band observations were not sky noise limited, and will be re-taken. Observations at M' appear to be saturated on the sky in the minimum exposure time.
The next steps in devloping and testing NSFCam are as follows: 1) Decreasing the minimum exposure time from 0.8 seconds to 0.4 seconds, specifically to allow for M'-band observations. 2) Enable a low gain mode with increased well depth, specifically to allow for M'-band observations. 3) Install a new bias board to increase the stability of the bias voltage. 4) Various software upgrades to improve usability of the instrument, 5) Continued recommissioning observations to test software and instrument functionality.
Last modified 1 March 2013