On 6/29 A.Gulbis visited the Hilo IRTF office for a short demo of MORIS Linux with
S.Bus, T.Denault. This page contains Tony's notes from the meeting.

1. Readout Rate Table in the IRTF MORIS Manual was wrong.

   Fixed by Tony on 6/29. Table is on page 15 of the IRTF MORIS Manual

2. Tony asked about Kinetics (movie) mode Acquisition Timing with External and Internal
   triggering. With the linux system, it seems GPS or External Triggering incurs
   additional overhead vs Internal trigging.  Tony will compare linux software vs
   Solis application.

   Using SOLIS, I did the following:
      Under setup acquisition set:
         Acq Mode to Kinetic
         Trigger to Internal
         Readout Mode to Image.
         Exposure to 1.0000

      Note, the Kinetic Cycle Time is 1.00174. I take it to mean, an 1.0 image is
      produce every 1.00174 seconds.
      Now, change the Trigger to External. Note the Minimum Trigger Period is
      now 1.28727 (1.0 sec plus the readout rate). So a 1 second exposure every 1.28 seconds.

      Change Trigger to 'external start', the Kinetic Cycle Time is back to 1.00174 seconds.

      So, Internal trigging of Kinetic frames  seems to have the advantage
      having less overhead (0.00174).
      When the Kinetic frames are triggered by the GPS repeat pules, then the overhead
      is the readout rate (0.28727 in this case).

      This behavior is what Tony sees in the Linux software development kit.

3. Send Amanda information on booting the Moris PC and running the linux software.
   Amada was also interested in M.Connelley plate scale measurements of moris
   done during the 6/07/2011 engineering.

   IRTF MORIS Manual contains information on how to boot linux or windows.
   (Amanda: Please contact Tony, so I can walk you through the procedures, we can
    do this via VNC viewers).

   For M.Connelley report, See: /~moris/hist/110607-eng/
   See the readme.html

4. Amanda suggested movie mode should let the user specify the start time
   for the GPS triggering. And also 'External Start' could also be added.
   Tony to make sure GPS parameter are stored in the FIT header.

   Tony to work on this:
     Moris to support Internal, External_Start, and External triggering.
     Allow user to enter the exact GPS start Date/Time, as well as 'AutoSetOnGo'

5. Anamda indicated Solis displays Kinetics data in real time.
   Would be nice for Moris Linux display the data more often in it's movie mode.

   Tony will work on improving the data display rate in DV for movie mode.