1. Issue

With the window Solis program, I get images with a mean value of 400 counts.
Using the linxu SDK, I take a image and get about 100 counts (mean value).
What is going on?
What parameter am I not setting to duplicate the solis image.
I'm doing a very simple setup:
   shutter closed
   ReadMode = 4 (image)
   SetAcquisitionMode = 2 (accumulate)
   1 Accumulation.
   Internal trigger
   16bits, 1MHz, conventional A/D, gain =x1
   Vertical SS = 4 (3.3usec).

We have a:
   Camera Serial No: 3020
   head_model: DU897_BV
   CardModel: CCI-22
   GetDetector: 512x512

Boot into window XP
Run Solis
Take an image... mean value is 400 counts.
Here is the Andor config file after exiting the program: AndorSolis.cfg
Here is a screen shot of the Setup Acquisition: Setup_Acquistion.png
Here is the resulting fits image: solis_0001.fits


Run my program to take an image with the same parameters.
My FITS image has a mean of 100 counts.
  My code: diag.c
  At line 822, do_g1() does the acquisition. Just calling LinuxSDK with fixed inputs.

The same thing happend if I reboot/run the examples/console/generic/ program.
  Make 2 modification to the program:
  1. Change AcqMode=2 (Accumulation)
  2. After Image acquisition, I calculate and display the mean, min, and max pixels values.

Here is the output (note the mean value):
  My code: generic.txt

A reply from Phillip Knight from andor.com 
I took this image using the Solis Window:
	solis_0002.sif - image file
	solis_0002.txt - parameters from "i" icon.
took an image using linux SDK:
	linux_0001.sif - image file
	linux_0001.txt - created file using solis "i" icon.

Looking at the 2 .txt file, it seem solar BaseLineClamp is OFF, and Linux is ON.
Turning it OFF in linux, give us a mean value of 404. (Yeaaah!)

Issue closed.