1. Purchase Andor linux SDK, put it in /home/moris/public_html/irtf/Andor/Linux_SDK_V2.88.30003.0

2. Compiled documention on various hardware used in moris, see: /home/moris/public_html/irtf

3. Completed initial XUI, IC, DV code. 
     Removed spex specified item.
     Replace the spex guiding concepts with smokey2 guiding concepts.
     Runs on linux and does simulated images.

4. Started work on coding the GPS support library, call tm4.c/.h
   Tested tm4.c/.h on linux via serial port on 3/18. Next: Add GPS code to IC/XUI.

5. On 3/16 when to IRTF on install linux on poetspc. By mistake, I nuked the 
   computer (Computer was setup so that BOTH C: and D: driver were need to run moris,
	I thought D: was a backup, and nuked it with linux).

	Since I need to install both linux and window now, poetspc is changes so:
	  1st drive has both linux and winXP pro on it, duel boots (default is windows).

   So, now I need to reinstall windowXP and reinstall all the window apps (2-3 day of 'extra' work).

   Detail at: public_html/irtf/linux/2010_moris_pc_setup.html

6. 28Mar GPS support in the XUI is mostly done.